19 Photos That Prove Life Has Its Own Plans for Everything

11 months ago

We bet you’ll agree that bad hair days happen to everyone. But not everyone admits it. However, the characters of our compilation didn’t feel shy and showed the whole world their fails that we hope didn’t bring them any serious consequences. The good thing is that they got hundreds of “Likes” and supporting comments that surely brightened up the bitterness of their failures.

This is what happens when hand sanitizer drips onto brand new shoes.

Charging electronic cars underwater... What could be better?

Have a nice flight!

“120 mile solo hike. Asked an elderly passerby to take a photo for me.”

*“I checked it right away, but he had struggled enough with the touch screen that I didn’t ask him to take another.”

“Asked my aunt to take my pic so it would look like I was holding up the world. She said it was perfect. I didn’t check it until we got home.”

Here is what having burst pipes really means:

The day when all the New Year’s Resolutions are done

Don’t forget to keep smiling!

“I think I’ll take the day off today.”

There is no point crying over a dropped pie.

How is it up there — in the future?

shumat / pikabu

It’s 100% genuine.

bigeosa / pikabu

“Our mailman put the books that I ordered in our mailbox from the back and I can’t take them out from the front.”

“Spent 2 hours making dinner for my family, but no one’s coming home tonight.”

“The dentist showed me this pic. The worst pain of my life.”

“After years of saving, I finally bought my first house. The key snapped in the door and locked me out.”

“I dropped my snowmobile in my lake at 5°F.”

When a Snapchat filter takes your chin for your lips:

Though the cat’s smile was Photoshopped, the broken earbud was not.

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit MrCrix / reddit


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This just show the power of knowing the exact moment to take a pic ??

Comment with image on Bright Side

Okay, the broken screen on the flight is just too sad! I'd get crazy mad if that ever happens to me ??


Genius by the mailman haha :D

This post made me feel better about my day


Haha that picture made by an elderly person just sums up how the older generation is with tech!


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