25+ Awesome Things That People Found at Flea Markets

3 years ago

It seems that finding something really valuable at a flea market is an impossible task. But internet users prove that you just need a little bit of luck to find something cool!

We at Bright Side were really interested to see all the things that made their new owners happy. And in the bonus, you will see proof that sometimes, something really valuable might come for free!

“$2.99 for this Whiting & Davis Art Deco mesh bag from the 1920s. I’m still in shock.”

“Until today, I didn’t know I needed an elephant planter in my life ($5.99).”

“This is a pencil sharpener. It’s about 100 years old and it only cost me $7. I’ve cleaned it and I love it.”

“Maybe it’s not very valuable, but I think this guy was happy to be with me.”

“Got this fish plate and I’m happy!”

“My tin poster for €1. Love it!”

This is not just a chair, it’s a friend.

“Found this little kitty at my local buy nothing group.”

“I’ve always wanted this and I found it for $19.99!”

“I got these cuties for just $2.”

“My favorite spoon rest from a second-hand store”

“Can’t explain why I’m so excited to go to my antique store job and sell china, while dressed like a crazy teapot lady.”

“Absolutely in love with this vintage spooky mug I got for $1.”

“Vintage brass pineapple, $4 garage sale find”

“I’m not much of a jewelry person but this little copper moth brooch was too unique to leave behind.”

“Found this watercolor painting for $6 at an estate sale! Can’t figure out who the artist is — but I love the theme of the painting!”

“I can’t believe my luck!! After seeing one on here, I wanted one of these stained glass turtle lamps so bad. I was just $5.”

“Saw this bear and it brought me right back to my childhood!”

“I’ve always wanted a watch wall clock and I got one for $14.”

“This dope mirror we found at a local thrift store”

“I found this Art Deco 10k white gold brooch at a thrift store yesterday. It was in a jar of ‘broken’ jewelry for $24.99.”

“This lobster plate and cheese knife were found on 2 separate thrifting trips, but they match perfectly.”

“In love with this vintage ceramic ghost I got at an estate sale!”

“$20 well spent. One of my favorite thrift finds!”

“Found this awesome lamp for $10!”

“A whale of a tale and a tale of the whale”

Bonus: Sometimes, cool things can be free.

“I helped my friend move and I kept this beautiful thing for myself.”

Do you have any things that you are really proud of?

Preview photo credit Radiantlyred / reddit


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My gf found a pretty awesome Valentino's blazer in a vintage store too. I remember how happy she was


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