15+ Girls Whose Prom Dresses Will Be Remembered for a Long Time

3 years ago

A prom is an important event for every student. Whatever it was like, many people remember it for a lifetime. There’s music, dancing, solemn speeches, and luxurious outfits. Typically, girls put way more effort and time into preparing for their proms, and a beautiful evening gown remains one of the main attributes of the party.

The heroines of this article made very unusual choices of dress. At Bright Side, we were impressed with their creativity. In the bonus section, you’ll see that not only humans can wear a prom outfit.

“I made my daughter’s prom dress. By the way, my daughter has a birthmark on her shoulder.”

“My prom dress I sewed for myself last year!”

This prom dress was made out of duct tape.

“In 2008, my senior friend asked me to prom when I was a freshman. My parents didn’t give me money for a dress, so we made both of our outfits entirely out of duct tape for like, $30.”

“I drafted and made my own prom dress!”

“I found my prom dress (originally $400) for $20 at a Salvation Army!”

“I made my dress for college prom! It’s an altered 1957 pattern.”

“I needed a dress for graduation photos, so I made one!”

“I finally finished sewing my prom dress! I’m so happy I managed to pull this off.”

“I’m a beginner, but I made my prom dress!”

“My mom made this Lindor chocolate wrapper dress for my senior prom!”

“I thrifted this dress for $5, and I’m really happy with how it fits me and my height!”

“I made my prom dress from a vintage reprint.”

“I found the most beautiful 1950s prom dress for only $18! It fits like a glove.”

“My duct tape TARDIS prom dress”

“My mom and me wearing the same dress to our proms, 25 years apart. My face says it all.”

“I made the Yule Ball dress for prom!”

Bonus: “I made Jessa a dress to match mine for prom photos.”

What was your prom dress like? Show us your photos in the comments below.


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