18 People That Prove You Can Learn Something New at Any Age

2 years ago

What we use and come into contact with on a daily basis has other functions that may benefit us in unexpected ways. These are the hacks that help us save time and effort when doing our chores and work. It may appear strange, but it will serve its purpose.

At Bright Side, we gathered people who demonstrated that no matter whether we are adults or young people, there is still a long list of things to learn.

1. “Just found out that my girlfriend can do this.”

2. “I had no idea this was a thing even after 45 years of grocery shopping. Hang your crunchables on the back of the cart.”

3. “PopSocket on the fridge door. Credit to my 14-year-old daughter.”

4. “3M hanger upside down keeps a trash bag in place.”

5. “Putting together furniture is tedious, so use some of its Styrofoam packaging for keeping small parts from disappearing!”

6. “A large carabiner with a sponge grip makes carrying groceries a more pleasant experience for your fingers.”

7. “To store a cake without having to dig it out the container later, just flip a Tupperware container upside down and use the lid as the bottom.”

8. No more messy and scattered detergents and cleaning bottles

9. “To replace an old coaster, just go to the tile store and stick adhesive felt or cork on the underside.”

10. “My parents used 2 coat hangers and scrap wood to make a temporary shelf.”

11. “Common runner’s trick, wear socks inside out to prevent blisters and chafing from seams.”

12. “Use heat shrink tubing to repair lost aglets.”

13. “To remove strong adhesive labels from the containers, leave the containers in the freezer and the stickers will peel off with ease!”

14. “Use a ladder when hauling tall plants.”

15. “If you accidentally tear the chip bag use a hole puncher to keep it from spreading.”

16. Cheap cell phone holder that could be found in your workplace

17. “Reuse a Pringles can for other snacks that come in bags to avoid loud bag crinkling in the office.”

18. Now you can eat while driving without making a huge mess!

Which of these hacks are your favorites? Do you have a hack that isn’t listed here? Tell us in the comments.

Preview photo credit the_Primus_******** / Reddit


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