15 People Who Passed the Talent Queue Several Times

2 years ago

It’s true that talent may be a fate-given secret sauce that some few lucky individuals get. But hold your horses — science proves that your beliefs extend the limits of your cognitive and physical capabilities. Well, if that’s the case, the people from the pictures below must really believe that they are the chosen ones because they managed to create or achieve some wonders.

If Bright Side was a talent show, we would definitely give these 15 people the golden buzzer. Check out the fascinating pictures for yourself.

1. “This is Phoenix! He is my free-flight trained green-wing macaw. This photo is from yesterday’s flight.”

2. “I made a hexastix.”

3. “Thought I would share my latest painting, acrylic on canvas.”

4. “I made a chocolatey Bigfoot cookie cake.”

5. “I like to draw pictures using one non-intersecting line and wanted to share this.”

6. “Origami portraits mural, folded from a single rectangle of paper”

7. “This wooden humanoid hiding in a big pine log”

8. “My wife told me to do a craft with our 6-year-old son. 40 hours later: paper mache.”

9. “I made a toolbox that opens when you set it down and push on the handle and closes when you pick it back up.”

10. “My attempt at a desert landscape scrimshaw on bone”

11. “I made a candy sushi plate for my wife’s friend’s daughter’s birthday.”

12. “I can touch my palm with my middle finger without moving any other finger.”

13. “I finally got around to having my art printed onto dresses.”

14. “Abstract sculptures from recycled skateboards by a disabled skateboarder (me)”

15. “I made a little robot bar from a small sheet of balsa wood.”

Have you managed to craft something that makes you proud to this day? Tell us about it.


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