20+ People Who Know Too Much About the Opposite Sex

2 years ago

Men and women are definitely from different planets. And no matter how many thousands of years we have spent with each other, we are still trying to uncover each others’ mysteries. Some people claim that they actually succeeded in understanding the rules of the lives of the opposite sex.

Bright Side has collected 20+ pictures from internet users who seem to be reading each other like open books.

This is what happens when it comes to the pool:

Such a river photo seems to be every girl’s dream:

The perfect shower picture

My wife naps like this... Can you do it too?

Guys, are we doing this right?

How girls look when they walk around campus:

Every woman has to be against buying a new device. And later she becomes its rightful owner.

Every man has to claim that cats are not for him and then they act like this:

Girls can be really patient.

Man hate doing something twice.

Women can make anyone happy.

Men make the best surprises!

Men have their own secrets.

And so do women!

Men love games at any age. And yes, helmets make them more efficient.

It looks like they never grow up...

Girls love jokes too.

Men are very good at giving presents. This is a laser razor:

At least, you don’t have to wait long to know what women get you for your birthday.

Girls are like Disney princesses — they can tame anyone!

And even the angriest dogs smile when they are with men!

Sometimes women walk in mens shoes.

And vice versa.

And sometimes we really understand each other:

“Now I know how guys feel when their women send them to the store to get pads/tampons. My husband sent me to get pliers.”

It’s very good to have each other! What other life situations would you add to the list? Maybe you recognized yourself or your partner here? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit brosbeingbasic, eddie_van_halen


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