19 People Who Do Things Their Own Way No Matter What

2 years ago

We all have our little quirks that make us stand out. There are people who, for example, prefer sitting on a desk when there’s a fully functioning chair right behind them. Others sleep with their legs in the air to keep their shoes on or eat pizza from the side. These habits might look weird to the people around them, but in the end, it’s those little things that make them unique.

We at Bright Side want to share these pics with you to remind you how important it is to embrace the things that make us different from others.

1. “My brother has a new chair.”

2. “The way my sister sleeps because she doesn’t want to take her shoes off.”

3. “The way my wife eats Oreos.”

4. “I think I married a sociopath. The way my wife uses her Magnesium supplements.”

5. “The way my wife loaded the dishwasher.”

6. “That’s okay, it’s not like the entire parking lot was full or anything.”

7. “My little sister bit almost every single one of the chocolate-covered cookies.”

8. “The way my son eats pizza is illegal in 7 states.”

9. “My adult husband put away these chips.”

10. “My boyfriend throws his dirty dishes to the side of the stove when he’s done with them, regardless of if there’s still food on them or not.”

11. “I bought this box of fruit loops and this is how my roommate opened it...”

12. “The way my sister ate her garlic bread.”

13. “This is how my fiancé set up the TV.”

14. “My local thrift store organizing books by color! Who looks for books this way?”

15. “Caught my daughter eating KitKat like this...”

16. “How my coworker charges his phone.”

17. “The way my roommate scoops the butter.”

18. “I am a dishwasher and this is how the bakers cut the brownies and leave the rest.”

19. “She thought this was ’white’ water.”

What strange habits do you or the people you know have?

Preview photo credit AyrtonTV / Reddit


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