18 Times Nature Rocked Its Artistic Skills

2 years ago

Our planet is one big museum and Mother Nature is the primary artist. Every now and then, she creates extraordinary pieces to remind us of her incredible power. All we need to do is look around to see the “Easter eggs” she left for us to find.

Bright Side found some of these awesome creations, and we’re sharing them with you so we can marvel at her works of art together.

1. “This squash looks like a sleeping duck.”

2. “Our new kitty has 24 toes.”

3. “This tomato looks shy.”

4. “My neighbor’s tomatillo decided to grow within the hole in our adjoined fence.”

5. This rock with a hole that looks like a guitar pick

6. “My chicken has an extra toe.”

7. “The whole mountain is green, except for that one tree.”

8. “This pine needle I found”

9. “This bird’s nest is in the shape of a heart.”

10. “Well, this tomato looks like an actual heart.”

11. “These tree branches merge into a complete circle.”

12. “This perfectly half-red, half-green leaf we found on our raspberry bush”

13. “My dog had surgery and now the fur on that spot is growing back in a different color.”

14. “That double rainbow looks like a planet.”

15. “My neighbor’s cucumber growing through this mesh fence.”

16. “The tree stump after beavers got their teeth on it”

17. “The refraction rainbow from my glass door lined up perfectly with the water stream.”

18. This rock that looks like there’s a soul trapped inside it

Which of these images impressed you the most? Have you also spotted other natural masterpieces?

Preview photo credit trelam88 / reddit


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