17 Ironic Comics From a Dad of 3 Who Knows What Paternity Leave Is All About

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3 years ago

Hi, my name is Anatoly Kurganov. I used to work as an IT writer and an analyst. Now I am on paternity leave and raising 3 children. In my spare time, I lead the project Paparium, where I describe my parenting life. My friends, the talented artist Natalia and aspiring writer Oksana, help me create these comics.

I will be happy if the readers of Bright Side can relate to our project. I believe many of you are raising mischievous boys and girls too.

All the oversized items that are occasionally bought online become more relatable over the years.

The more kids you have at home, the more time you want to spend in the supermarket.

Dads dress their children strictly according to the following algorithm — you choose clothes that are closest to you.

“How do your school kids show their homework to the teacher via Zoom? Ours just show it to the camera.”

Does this look familiar to you? Or do your kids not hide behind you when guests arrive?

“My children learned to play guitar at an early age. Actually they learned to play with their toy cars on my guitar. Argh!”

“When we had our first child, I was really surprised to find out that they have to eat at night too. I always thought that they slept at night, like everyone else.”

“When I see the first mistakes of new parents, I try to keep silent and make a face like a medical nurse.”

“I still can’t understand why they don’t write on diapers where the front and back is — they just decorate them with patterns and drawings. Who’s going to admire them? 1-month-old babies?”

“I wish there were cheaper tablets for kids that could be broken safely, so that they could learn to treat things more carefully. How do you like this idea?”

“I recommend you record the words your child likes to repeat on audio or video. Maybe you’ll be able to distinguish them over time.”

Have you noticed the way children freeze sometimes? I can’t even imagine what complex calculations are carried out in their brain during that time.

“How can they make clothes like this in the 21st century? Perhaps these clothes look good on a mannequin, but I have a living child who doesn’t have the patience to wait for me to button 100 buttons.”

It’s just comics. But in reality, your child won’t be happy with this kind of joke.

“I remember a lot from my early childhood, including being picky about food. Yes, at the age of 7, I finally learned to eat what they gave me, but I wasn’t happy about it, and as soon as I could choose myself, I returned to my favorite dishes. So if a child doesn’t like some foods, you don’t need to force them. It’s just a different sensitivity, and a different world, that parents might have forgotten about. But I remember it well and try to provide peace of mind to my picky children, although it can be hard sometimes.”

Why are all strollers optimal for people who are about 5’7″ tall? What about those who are over 6′?

Caring for a child is a 24/7 job.

“I saw a monument of a mother on maternity leave, and the artist’s idea stunned me. I have a similar life now.”

“In fact, I don’t recommend that any parent take care of their children alone. Everyone needs a balance in their personal life, work, and taking care of children. So, dads and moms, support, love, forgive, and help each other without asking.

I also have an idea for how you can spend an hour or 2 tomorrow. If you have friends with little kids, especially those under 2 years old, pay them a visit and say, ’I was passing by, and I know how difficult it is with children. Maybe you need to go buy something at the supermarket or pharmacy? Or maybe you want me to stay with your child for 30 minutes while you do something urgent?’ Or just bring them lunch. You have no idea how much such a little thing can help young parents.”

Do you agree that both parents should take care of their children? Do you know men who are on paternity leave? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit paparium_comics / Instagram


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