11 Illustrations Showing That Moms Definitely Use Magic

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4 years ago

Magic does exist and we see it every day. These magicians are our moms – those special people who create the most magnificent of miracles for us every single day. They must have a secret or some tricks up their sleeves because if not – then how could they possibly do it?

Bright Side collected some truthful life situations about moms and their incredible abilities.

Moms can make an incredible dinner out of nothing.

Moms can predict the future.

Moms can make us change our mind without saying a word.

Mom's touch can make the pain go away.

Moms can do 100 tasks simultaneously.

Moms use space even better than magicians.

Moms have a superpower to do everything on time.

Moms can turn old things into new and creative ones.

Moms know about our desires before we even know about them ourselves.

Moms understand whether or not a dish is ready with just a single glance.

Moms can turn back time and make us feel like kids again.

What can your mom do that no one else can? Share with us!

Illustrated by Ekaterina Gandrabura for Bright Side


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