I Don’t Want to Spend My Inheritance, But My Husband Keeps Planning to Use the Money

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One of life’s most difficult times is losing our parents, and even more so if it is unexpected. Most of the time, your partner’s support gives you the comfort or support you need to get through the grief. However, grief sometimes affects the whole environment, making things very difficult. Yet, when an inheritance is involved, an unknown side of the people you trust the most can emerge, which is why some celebs even decided not to leave anything to their children. In these cases, you can realize who are the ones who are true to you for who you are no matter what you have.

When you have an inheritance, you can realize who are the ones who are true to you for who you are no matter what you have.

What would you do if you suddenly received a large inheritance? How do you think your family would react?

What would you do if you were to receive a large inheritance?

At Bright Side, we love stories that leave us wondering who’s right. And just like us, some users had their say.


  • It is rare to hear a story that ends happily when a large amount of money is involved. That’s why the best thing to do in these cases is to be discreet and act cautiously, as the girl did. The only mistake she could have made was not speaking clearly with her husband and telling him from the beginning what her intentions were with the money. She could have looked for a way to tell her husband before the family heard about it; the important thing is always to be clear.
  • Trying to understand her husband a little, they were managing their finances together from the beginning, and she didn’t tell him she wanted to keep the money so it wouldn’t be wasted. He may have thought that he could dispose of the funds immediately. That is why it is essential communication as a couple. It is not good to take things for granted, no matter how obvious they may seem.
  • In short, communication is the key to having a good relationship. It is important to remember the definition of the word: “the successful transmission or exchange of ideas and feelings.”
  • It is very smart to have a separate account. Inheritances are not included in the assets that a spouse can claim. © According2What / Reddit
  • If the tables were turned and it was the husband’s mother who died, and her family expected him to spend his inheritance on them, this would be a very different story. © Weird-Roll6265 / Reddit
  • I’m so sorry for your loss, I agree with her. I lost my mother to cancer when I was quite young. My in-laws were also vile, heartless, and without good thoughts. © glamourcrow / Reddit
  • If my husband inherited anything from his parents, I wouldn’t tell my family unless he wanted me to. She’s absolutely right, it’s nobody’s business. © m-adir / Reddit
  • They act like she won the lottery and didn’t lose her mother. I’m sorry for your loss. © Kmia55 / Reddit

An inheritance can be more than simply money. It can be something that has an emotional value to you or even just looks.

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It sounds like her inheritance is burning a hole in her husband's pocket, he wants to spend some of it so badly, from what the story says. He clearly thought that he could pressure her into spending some of it on a big dinner for them and his family by lying by omission about the dinner and then springing it on her. Thinking that she'd be forced to pay the bill for everyone, so as not to embarrass herself or him, but he was wrong, thankfully. I'm so glad that she stood up for herself. This kind of behavior by her husband before, during, and after, has exposed a nasty character flaw and she should be on alert to further deception from him. I'd be considering some time apart from each other after his gaslighting. I wouldn't be able to trust him after this greedy behavior.


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