18 Photos Showing the Power of Genetic Inheritance

2 years ago

As we pass our values and traditions to our offspring over the years, genes are nature’s way of ensuring that physical resemblance is also meticulously passed on. While some children end up being spitting images of one of their parents, others look like a mix of both. Either way, it’s fascinating to compare images of family members side by side, and some of them might leave us more mind-blown than we expected.

Bright Side is fascinated by how genes can sometimes seem to be copied and pasted from one generation to the next. We’ll share family photos that will make you want to rub your eyes and look again.

1. “My dad and me”

2. ’’My mother and I are identical.’’

3. ’’My 3-month-old daughter looking at a picture of her mom with the exact same hat on’’

4. “My grandmother and me”

5. ’’I look a lot like my dad did when he was my age.’’

6. “My dad holding me, and me holding my son”

7. ’’My old man and me at the same age’’

8. ’’My cousin and our grandmother — they are even wearing the same sweater.’’

9. ’’I didn’t believe I looked like my mom until we face-swapped.’’

10. “Me in 1961, and my daughter in 1985”

11. ’’People always say I look a lot like my dad when he was little.’’

12. “Everyone thinks that my daughter and I are the same person.”

13. ’’My 2-year-old daughter looks exactly like my mom when she was the same age.’’

14. ’’Me in 1983, and my nephew in 2014’’

15. ’’My husband in 1977, and our daughter in 2009’’

16. ’’My infant son inherited my helical rim ear deformity.’’

17. ’’This is my dad at my age and me’’

18. Father and son

Do you share a striking resemblance with one of your parents? Do you think that personality traits are as equally powerfully passed on as looks are?

Preview photo credit bdizzzzzle/Reddit


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