20+ Vintage Things Anyone Would Love to Inherit

3 years ago

Old things are like small islands of our memories. They’re a part of history and time, and they store the memories of people they belonged to or a special experience.

We at Bright Side were thrilled to see these users that shared photos of things that held such a rich history.

“My mom just passed this family heirloom down to me. It is one of many of my great-grandmother’s necklaces. It was made sometime around 1740.”

“My wife inherited this nice silverware from her grandmother. Thought the little box inside was silver polish at first.”

“This is my grandpa’s old accordion that his German-American parents bought him (probably in the 1950s) to learn to play. It’s a family heirloom and will definitely be getting passed down for generations.”

“This is a transforming piece of furniture I found in my grandma’s storage unit. A 3-in-1 chair, stepstool, and ironing board!”

“I found this lying in a flower bed at a house I have been working on for a couple of years. I finally asked the homeowner what she was going to do with it and she told me to get this creepy thing out of there. This thing is awesome and far from creepy!”

“Once belonging to one of my great-grandmothers, this ring is the stuff of legends in my family.”

“This is a really old embroidered portrait of an emperor or saint. It’s a family heirloom but I don’t know anything about It!”

“This dagger my grandfather acquired from his travels in WWII”

“I was asked to help move an old wardrobe. They told me the lower drawer was impossible to open. I opened it and found an old book.”

“My flatmate found an old bike and we used it to make some decor.”

“My grandmother bought this cabinet over 85 years ago from an antique dealer in the French Quarter. It’s beautiful, we keep our treasures in it.”

“I inherited this from my mom who liked to collect curios.”

“This is George. Ever since my family inherited this chair from my grandma, he’s spent 90% of his time in it.”

“The beautiful Art Deco ring I inherited on my wedding day was my great-aunt’s (married on 9/9/1923), and since she had no children, she gave it to my mom, who in turn gave it to me, still with its original box.”

“A birthday gift from my grandfather — no one in my family knows what it is. We think it’s a nutcracker.”

“I inherited a century-old cast iron waffle iron this Christmas. It still cooks amazing waffles.”

“This is my grandfather’s clock. My mom said he really loved it.”

“My sister found this antique phone at an antique shop for dirt cheap (and it’s still working!) as a gift for me and I couldn’t be happier! So stylish.”

“My new Keystone Olympic standard 8mm film video camera I inherited from my great-grandfather”

“This is an old radio I inherited from my great-grandparents.”

“The peacock charm that I got from my great grandmother, made by her grandfather as an engagement gift for her grandmother, circa 1901”

“Found a secret ’drawer space’ in an old cabinet that I inherited from my grandfather some years ago. I also found tools for reloading a rifle.”

“Sometimes cleaning can be fun.”

Do you have any old things that bring back memories? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit sailiasse / Reddit


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