16 Joyful Comics That Prove Children Can Turn Your Life Upside Down

3 years ago

A day of a mother is full of adventures and surprises. The comics, Marie About Parenthood, just prove that to be true. Their creator, Maria, lives in Russia and raises 2 daughters that are 2 and 4 years old. Each of her illustrations shows the bittersweet truth about family life but they’re also full of humor and self-irony.

At Bright Side, we think it’s safe to assume that many of our readers who have families have been through similar situations. Just take a look for yourself.

“I was type 2, especially when I was pregnant with my second child.”

“Children grow up so fast. But your eldest child grows up the moment you have a new baby.”

“I hope you have time for a real vacation at some point.”

“I think all mothers did, still do, and will do it. On the other hand, your children won’t eat too much candy.”

“I’m so happy, baby, you can’t see my face.”

“The season of ’let’s go home I can’t feel my feet’ is officially here.”

“The older my little bun becomes, the harder it gets to kiss her all over. She’s become so serious that I can’t get enough hugs with her.”

“When you have to decide within 2 seconds what’s more important to you”

“The mom is probably good but it’s still a question of whether your children will bring you a glass of water when you’re old without you needing to make a special clause for it in your will.”

“We have a combination — dad puts on a sock while mom puts on a boot. I won’t be telling you how we share responsibilities while wiping the kid’s butt.”

“It’s so funny to watch your toddler walking around the room, confidently talking on the phone.”

“I’d love to give up coffee, really! But so far, I don’t know any other way to ’start’ myself up in the morning and maintain my stamina during the day.”

“The lips’ color is a real indicator. They can even be purple if your children sit in cold water for a long time.”

“Cleaning is a real test for me.”

“This is the way I feel.”

“If you let me sleep a couple of hours longer in the morning, I’ll kiss the entire world.”

Bonus: Every mom has a dream — let it be fulfilled.

What is your family life like? Tell us in the comments below.

The comics are published in the author’s edition

with the permission of mamari_comics.

Preview photo credit mamari_comics / instagram


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I believe for our parents we will still look small and immature no matter what :D


when I was little I saw my mom stealing candies from my Christmas presents. I wasn't angry, I just left quietly so she could enjoy 😅


I hate these cartoons from a critical view. From a factual view, they're okay


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