12 Comics That Show How Life Changes After 30

3 years ago

Some things are best left in past, but there are certainly many things we miss about being 20. The new responsibilities we get when we are 30 means that we can’t do everything that we used to. This is something that our bodies like to remind us about too! But it’s not all bad news, there are so many joys of being 30 that we can still appreciate.

Bright Side is sharing some of the biggest changes we experience in our 30s, both the good and the bad.

1. Your idea of fun changes.

2. You suddenly need to pee 24/7.

3. You get excited over little things.

4. You start to get sick much quicker.

5. You love to spend a Friday night at home.

6. You realize that saving is important.

7. You simply can’t say no to a plant!

8. You wait for the day when they ask to see your ID.

9. Your body stops you from sleeping in late.

10. You start to feel your age.

11. Social interactions can become a bit awkward.

12. You enjoy your alone time more.

Which was your favorite? What do you miss most about being in your 20s?


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#1 is so trueeee 🤣
I can't even go on a swing without feeling nauseous


I'm a bit over 20 and I already need to go to pee 1329041 times a night hahaha


Where did you find woman acting like thins in her thirties?!!?!?!?!?!?! I met lot of 70 year old who looks and acts as girls.


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