13 Small Tricks That Can Turn Any Girl Into a Fashion Icon

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4 years ago

People’s clothes can say quite a lot about them. Sometimes all it takes is putting a little effort into your look, like washing your clothes, ironing them, and making sure you’re wearing the right size to completely change the way you look. But some women take it a step further and use ingenious life hacks that make them look extremely put together with very little effort.

We at Bright Side are totally convinced that it’s possible to look great, even if you have a limited budget. However, you need some life hacks for this and we’ll tell you about them in this article.

1. Casually fix a belt.

Even the most normal belt can entirely change the way you look. For example, a medium-wide belt goes great with trendy oversized jackets. Here is a simple trick that can take your look to a whole new level: the accessory should look as if you decided to put it on at the last minute, like in the photo above.

2. Wear colorful shoes.

Bright shoes can add interesting details to your look. They don’t have to be crazy bright, just make sure that they look good with your everyday clothes. You can wear any moderately priced shoes, you don’t need to buy anything too expensive. Regular jeans and T-shirts will look totally different with the addition of bright footwear.

3. Wear square-shaped sunglasses.

This stylish accessory should be in your wardrobe because this shape looks great on almost everyone. They make you look more mysterious and elegant. And you don’t need to wait until summer to get a pair — wearing sunglasses in winter is good for your eyes.

You’ve probably been in a situation where it’s so bright outside in winter that you can’t even open your eyes. Use sunglasses to protect your eyes and look cool at the same time.

4. Start using white clothes.

Wearing the color white makes you look fresh and young — and donning an all-white look is really cool. Of course, it’s not very practical and white clothes require a lot of care but it’s totally worth it.

5. Use bright accessories.

Regular-colored clothes will look really fresh if you add something interesting to them, like a handbag or a scarf that’s a bit out of the ordinary.

6. Wear 1 earring or even 2 mismatched ones.

You can wear one simple earring all the time and choose a bigger earring according to your mood. In fact, it’s great if there’s a difference in color, style, and size between the earrings. You don’t have to go to the store to buy a set of 2 anymore.

You can make a nice combination using the earrings you already have because no other person will have the same set. And if you lost one earring and have the other one just lying around, it’s a great chance to give it a new life.

7. Use handbags with a solid make.

Soft leather gets worn out quickly and when it happens, bags start to look messy. If you buy a bag made of more solid materials, it will keep its shape, even when it’s empty.

8. Combine gray and brown colors.

The color brown makes blue appear warmer. And in the same vein, camel shades together with gray look very elegant. Even Giorgio Armani loves this combination.

9. Wear unusual accessories.

In order to look stylish and elegant, don’t wear a lot of gold, especially in sets. Try to find “youraccessory — maybe your mother or your grandmother has an old ring or you have something unusual that you found on a trip.

You can buy special bracelets that hold the pieces you choose right on them. If you don’t want to overdo it, it’s better to decorate only one area — for example, your wrists and fingers or neck and ears.

10. Pull up the sleeves.

You should pull the sleeves up, not roll them. They might want to fall down, so it’s better to fix the sleeves with a scrunchie just below the elbow. The look appears playful and fresh. You can even turn them inside out, just a little, to make them look as if they went this way on their own.

Our writer checked this hack out and says that it works. It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing a jacket or a shirt — pulled up sleeves make the look way more fun.

11. Wear several handbags at the same time.

Every girl has a few favorite bags and here’s some good news: today, mixing such accessories is trendy. They can even be different sizes and colors. The designers are using this trick on runways but it also looks really great in regular life.

12. Buy faux suede.

If you can’t buy shoes made of natural leather, it’s better to buy faux suede. The texture makes the material look far more expensive and attractive than natural leather. This trick may work both with shoes and with clothes — it’s really hard to see the difference between natural suede and faux suede.

13. Be a little messy.

If you neglect all the fashion standards and stop wearing T-shirts and blouses as “you should,” the results can be quite interesting. You can leave the side part or the front part of your blouse free and tuck the rest in. It might look strange for people who love classic looks but this is, in fact, something fresh and bold.

What simple clothes do you think make you look way better? Tell us your tips down below!


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Ok... I am not wearing two purses and I am not making button down shirts look messy. Sure, I like wearing them unbuttoned with a spaghetti strap top under, (I don’t think I look right with a button down worn the normal way) but I am not making the shirt look super messy. If I started painting and got it messy that way, that would be cool (to me lol)

BUT I have been wearing mismatched earrings the past few years because I started loving studs but always lose one. I might branch out and wear camel with grey. Good range on your list from different to very bold. I can do different but I am not bold!


I think sunglasses is such an item that needs to be chosen according to your face shape. No matter what in the fashion now, if it doesn't look good on you, you will just look silly.

As for me, I can't wear such square sunglasses. I have a wide round face and they make it look even wider.


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