10 Hairstyles That Can Make You Look Cheap

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5 years ago

Being unsophisticated is a label that is often associated not only with people’s origins, but with their looks as well. And we know that the devil is in the details. Even a well-thought-out look could be spoiled by a tiny detail, like a hairpin or a poorly done ponytail.

Bright Side found out which hairdos should be avoided in order to look stylish and chic.

1. Braids

If you’re 12 or older, braids will probably look out of place: they make anyone look childish and immature. If you still want to have braids done try an alternative to regular braids like a French braid, a fishtail braid, a sleek ponytail braid, or a waterfall braid.

2. A ponytail with a fabric hair tie

Hair scrunchies are considered to be one of the main indicators of cheap-looking women in the movies. A naive-looking face, long hair, and a colorful hair scrunchie... Doesn’t that sound familiar? Dina Scherer, owner of Modnitsa Styling, an NYC-based image and wardrobe stylist agency, recommends being careful with these accessories. Carrie Bradshaw (Sex And The City) once said that “the only place women should ever wear a scrunchie is in the bathroom, maybe.”

What to wear instead: a thin hair tie that matches your hair color. If it’s too bright and clearly visible, wrap a thin section of hair around the base of your ponytail to conceal the elastic.

3. Donut bun

When the donut bun first appeared it quickly became a hot trend, but it became outdated just as fast. A bun at the top of your head looks too sleek and symmetrical and if your hair is thick and long, you might end up looking like you have a second head, not a simple bun. Try a loose, natural bun.

4. Wearing a claw hair clip

hair clip is a great help when you need to gather up messy hair before the shower or during cleaning. But try to choose something more elegant and stylish even if you’re just going shopping.

5. Curly hair + bangs

You can still see this combination at prom, work parties, and family gatherings but this hairdo looks like it is made of 2 different hairstyles. Styling your hair wavy could become a good alternative to curly hair, if you really want bangs.

6. Wet-hair look

This hair trend is really outdated. You can lightly style your hair with a wet-hair effect but be really careful with styling products. A lot of gel will make your hair look greasy. Obviously, this hairdo is absolutely inappropriate in the office.

7. Slicked-back ponytail

There are 2 types of ponytails that always look stylish: high and low ones. Any other kind would make you look cheap, and create the effect of sleek, greasy, or even thin hair.

If you have difficulties or don’t like sky-high hair, just make a low one. You can even make a messy bun for a breezy and feminine look. Don’t forget to fluff the hair at the crown of the head to add volume to your hair and amp up your look.

8. Invisible hairpins

That would be "VISIBLE" hairpins! you need to learn English!!! Are you writers 14 year old girls??? ( Because that's what it seems...High school fodder!)🙄🤡


The main purpose of hairpins is to fix flyaway hair in an almost invisible way. Experts recommend using hairpins in 2 different ways:

  • match them to your hair color and hide them in your hair;
  • pick bright stylish hairpins and use them as a main accessory (don’t overdo it with quantity, less is more).

9. Using too much styling product

Tight, full-bodied curls that would survive in any weather will make anyone look cheap. This hairstyle shows that you tried really hard to style your hair to impress people, and basically put in too much effort. Stylists advise choosing really natural hairstyles — no one should notice your hard work.

10. Acidic ombré with a visible edge

The art of ombré hair implies a soft change from one hair color to another. To achieve this effect, hair stylists use several shades of intermediate colors. A strict edge occurs if:

  • you dyed your hair yourself;
  • your friend did it for you (maybe she did it for the first time and wanted to see how it would go);
  • the hair stylist at your salon didn’t have enough experience.

Always check the hair stylists portfolio and never try to do ombré at home.

What other hairstyles make a woman look cheap? We want to know your opinion, share it with us in the comments.

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Paris looks cute with side braids. A lot of women wear side braids, who are you to judge?


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