15+ Brides Who Said “Yes” to Wedding Gowns From Thrift Stores and Never Regretted a Thing

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thrift store is probably not the first place that comes to a bride’s mind when she’s looking for a perfect wedding dress. However, Reddit users have proven that in such stores you can find a wedding gown of your dreams at a very low price (or even for free). The heroes of our article fell in love with their bridal attire in thrift stores, and they look truly amazing.

We at Bright Side found 18 brides on Reddit who thrifted their wedding gowns and proved you don’t have to spend a fortune to look stunning on that special day.

1. “Looked up the tag and it’s a ’cloud dress’ inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding dress.”

“Always wanted to thrift my dress but never thought it was possible because I’m extra petite.”

2. “My $200 wedding dress from a thrift store I stopped in at on a whim”

3. “I got my dream wedding dress at a thrift store for $80.”

4. “A $40 thrifted vintage lace wedding dress”

5. “Found my wedding dress at Goodwill!”

6. “Found my wedding dress at a thrift store for $12. I’m thrilled!”

7. “For years, it’s been a dream of mine to thrift my wedding dress. I finally can post the one I found and adore!”

8. “Found this absolutely gorgeous vintage wedding dress at Goodwill for $13.”

9. “I’ve been searching thrift stores for a couple of months for my wedding attire, and I finally found this brand new jumpsuit for $5!”

10. “$50 for my wedding dress!”

11. “Thrift store wedding dress!”

12. “Got my wedding dress for free at a local secondhand shop where I sell clothes for credit. Was only tagged at $18 anyway.”

13. “Found the organza wedding dress of my dreams, $100 but definitely worth it!”

14. “A Vera Wang wedding dress for $65!”

15. “Found this beautiful Sottero & Midgley wedding dress for $25 at Goodwill today!”

16. “$70, but it’s worth it. Needs altering and it doesn’t quite fit yet, but I love it!”

17. “Found this gorgeous vintage (’80s) Gloria Vanderbilt wedding gown for $60!”

18. “I found my wedding dress today. I believe it’s from the 1950s, and I only paid $64 for it.”

What wedding dress were you wearing at your wedding? What is the best thing you’ve thrifted so far?

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my wedding dress came from a store that sold all kinds of material, it was closing down.
Each week it displayed several rolls of beautiful material.
out of one roll a wedding dress was designed and each week people would try it on and each week the price dropped starting at £65 oo.
Now this doesnt sound a lot, but we were in 1971 .
i heard about it from a work mate, and visited the shop in our work hour break.
It fitted like a glove it cost me £4.00, my veil and shoes all to gether came to 15 pound.
The material was heavy brocade with a design of lily of the valley high neck short selves bell shaped under the bust A line with train fit for a Queen.

year ago
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