20+ People Who Found a Real Treasure Where They Least Expected It

3 years ago

You don’t have to spend a fortune on high-quality and cool things — you can find them at flea markets, in thrift stores, and even in a dumpster. And things that some people are happy to throw away or give to somebody else may be exactly what others are looking for and turn into the signature items of their wardrobe or interior.

We at Bright Side respect enthusiastic people who aren’t shy about giving a second life to abandoned things, no matter where they found them. Life sometimes presents real gifts to people who know how to find something valuable, even in the trash.

“I found a TV near the dumpster. Someone was moving away and didn’t want to take it with them. They tried to throw it in the dumpster but couldn’t lift it, so they just left it nearby.”

“I’m 6 months pregnant, and my husband and I both lost our jobs. We found this infant bed with diaper changing accessories for only $4!”

“At first, I simply thought it was pretty. Later, I found the brand name ‘Parco’ on it. They made jewelry between the years of 1946-1953, so this piece is about 70 years old!”

“This 50-year-old beauty was sold online for $6. With a little sandpaper and paint, it’ll live with us just as long.”

“This is a dress from a thrift shop. It took me a month to transform it, and now, I have an outfit I can wear to my brother’s wedding rehearsal.”

“An absolutely stunning Pikolinos satchel for $12. I was shocked to find this at a thrift shop. It looks like it has never been used.”

“2 gorgeous silver pendants for $3.99 each. The turtle is opal and amethyst, and the ribbon heart is probably just zircon, but it’s lovely. Thrift shops are fantastic!”

“I just bought this 1970s pedal car for $35! Look out for a crazy driver...”

“I bought 7 silk scarfs for $1.13 each, including the Christian Dior one. The Chanel one will go to my grandma.”

“I got this gorgeous couch for $60. It was mine for 10 minutes after getting home.”

“Wow, just wow! This is a dress I got for $6 from a local thrift shop. It took me about 12 hours to transform it, and here is the result.”

“I got these 173-year-old Dickens’ books for $5.63 each at an online auction.”

“I scored these beautiful hand-painted Polish plates for $3.50 in great condition! I’ve been dreaming of having them and now, I just started my collection.”

“My gorgeous finds from a flea market! Fossil Riley watch — $15, Swarovski silver necklace — $2.99, and a zircon engagement ring — $10.”

“I found these gems at a flea market, including this 1957 record player and handmade leather boots for $6.”

“I found this sofa on the side of the road. A mid-century wooden frame and vinyl upholstery in almost pristine condition.”

“I bought a fox fur coat for $60 at a thrift shop.”

“When I saw this at a thrift store, I gasped so loudly that a woman nearby asked if I was okay. A mid-century modern ceramic bowl from Finland for only $ 3.99.”

“A vintage Oscar de la Renta pajama set for $9.”

“I bought a bag of jewelry boxes for $2, and one of them still had a necklace in it. I got it tested and this is real 24-carat gold!”

“I found an amazing rattan chair at a dump.”

“I found it in a pile of garbage. It just had a damaged joint-hinge. A little repair and Windows install, and I got a fresh and fast laptop.”

“Some rich exchange students who lived with my boyfriend moved out and just left all their stuff out on the curb.”

“What witch walked in these shoes!? I’m thrilled, they have a deep-chocolate brown color and are a perfect fit. They cost me $1.56.”

“I pulled this out of a dumpster at my little sisters’ request. They want to use this guy as part of their room decor.”

“I bought a wedding dress for $25 at a thrift shop. It hadn’t seen daylight and had been sitting in a box since 1986. I fell in love with it! And I made my dream dress out of it.”

Have you ever managed to turn trash into something really amazing?

Preview photo credit FakeBeccaJean / Reddit


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