25 People Who Got Their Clothes for Almost Nothing but Still Look Like a Million Bucks

2 years ago

Conscious consumption is becoming more and more popular around the world, and many people buy clothing at second-hand shops, thrift stores, and flea markets. Fortunately, you can find real treasures there: from branded jackets and vintage dresses to collectible items.

At Bright Side, we support this approach, and we think that if you are persistent enough and a bit lucky, you can find something really cool in these places.

“I thrifted this dress for $10! I’m in love with it.”

“Harry Potter Overalls from 2000. Pre-first movie release merchandise I’m guessing. So lucky to score these!”

“The cashier at the antique store said someone priced them wrong but sold them anyway!”

“I became the Prince of Bel-Air.”

“What about painting on thrifted handbags? I saw this purse and just felt it needed some Dugtrio!”

“Here’s my $12.99 win of the day.”

“I’ve been thrifting for years, but this has got to be my favorite sweater yet!”

“Brand new Dr. Martens in the box with tags just for $25. The girl who had them just didn’t want them. They are amazing and I am speechless.”

“I found this adorable Anthropologie dress — now I just have to wait for warmer days!”

“This dope snowsuit I snagged from an estate sale a few weeks ago”

“€5 each.”

“I collect vintage Tommy Hilfiger, and my favorite is the denim crest jacket.”

“I scored these today! I’m in my 50s but I needed to embrace my ’80s punk rock days!”

“Ermenegildo Zegna, Robert Talbott shirts, Michael Kors pants, and new Steve Madden shoes, $18 total”

“I found this gorgeous designer dress for $7 at my local resale shop with tags, retail price is $350.”

“The purr-fect Christmas cardigan”

“I found this vintage party shirt in a thrift shop about a week ago. It’s so cool! All details have been hand-painted. It was just $6 AUD.”

“These funky $6 pants that match my hair.”

“I found this vintage caftan for $0.50.”

“I thrifted this gorgeous dress for just $14.”

“The haul, under $14, so happy with the cute little sweater!”

“Original Star Wars fan club shirt. In great shape too!”

“Absolutely gorgeous vintage Vanity Fair nightgown set! I fell in love!”

“I just scored this genuine Buffalo leather motorcycle jacket for $10.”

“I found this gorgeous party dress at a thrift store! It feels like silk and just barely fit. I don’t know where to wear it, but I still feel incredibly lucky.”

  • Bank? Oil change? Picking up a friend at the airport? Time to bust it out! I say wear that gorgeous dress wherever you want! Throw on a cardigan and boots and it’s instantly casual. Heels and it’s party style. It looks awesome on you. Wear it! © pastdancer / Reddit

What wonderful things have you found at second-hand shops or thrift stores? Show us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit cufrink / Reddit


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