20 Situations That Make Us Shout, “Oh, No!”

2 years ago

From a man who refused to ask for help before putting his sunscreen on and got a messy masterpiece on his back afterward to a woman who got a wedding dress from her grandma that didn’t suit her at all, these are just a few cases of when people happened to get into a little trouble that didn’t spoil their day, but it did leave them very puzzled.

Here at Bright Side, we’d love for you to thrive when small troubles come your way. So today, we’ve collected 20 stories from people whose lucky moments are yet to come, but now they just smile at awkward things that happened to them once.

1. “Been staying at Grandma’s over the holidays. She thought it was time to pass down her wedding dress.”

2. “My wife got a tattoo yesterday. Our 2-year-old daughter has Down syndrome and this was for her.”

3. “I guess today I won’t be wearing my eyeshadow.”

4. “My sister asked for a Nintendo Switch for Christmas. Her boyfriend must have misunderstood.”

5. “My daughter made herself a haircut today.”

6. “On the left is my cousin’s dress she designed. On the right is the dress that some brand copied from her.”

7. “This woman on my flight put her seat back and sat like this the entire time.”

8. “My dog got a little excited when I arrived home for the holidays.”

9. “Tried to take a picture of my dogs being all cute sitting together...got this instead.”

10. “As a 6’6” socially awkward 18-year-old guy, I am finally in a girl’s profile picture. This is the entire picture."

11. “Ordered 2 shirts online, received 40 pounds of security tags and a coupon.”

12. “This is what you see when you turn your porch light on in Arkansas.”

13. “What we have to eat at work during 12-hour day and night shifts”

14. “Came home to find my neighbor’s dog like this. I don’t get it.”

15. “Saw this frightening guy in my garage.”

16. “So I walked into the kitchen at 5:30 a.m. and saw this in the sink. This is not my cat.”

17. “Sat down to pee. Looked up and saw this looking back.”

18. “Saw these 2 today.”

19. “I let my cousin cut my hair. Turns out I’m a Belcher.”

20. “My friend refused to ask for help with putting sunscreen on, and this is the result.”

What was the most recent awkward situation that you happened to be in? How did you react?

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