15+ Pics That Will Make You Huff and Laugh

2 years ago

When we laugh, it seems like time is sitting still and nothing else matters. Huffing and laughing is our favorite activity, and the best part is that we can do it with a stranger, with friends, or our family members, and let’s not forget, with our pets. The creativity of a dad when fixing the lawnmower can make all of us giggle, no matter where we come from.

At Bright Side, we believe laughing is the best recipe for a perfect day, and here are some people who shared their sense of humor with us.

1. “I saved this little squirrel but my cat wasn’t very pleased.”

2. “Celebrating my first divorce-versary and the office girls bought me a cake.”

3. “My Dad ’fixed’ my lawnmower.”

4. “My wife tried the piping bag for the first time.”

5. “The second day of life and my daughter is already not impressed.”

6. “If my long gaming experience taught me something, is that I haven’t unlocked this part of the world yet.”

7. “My dad asked me to clean my hair from the sink. I told him I didn’t know what he was talking about. Then I came home to this.”

8. “Found this sign outside a restaurant bathroom.”

9. “I think my attempt at growing tomatoes turned out rather well.”

10. “Noticed a section of the hedge had turned brown and died. Mentioned it to my husband, came home to this...”

“He used a can of spray paint and he actually solved 2 problems — dead plant and leftover paint.”

11. “Someone who works at a charity shop put Jeff Goldblum in every single photo frame.”

12. “This sign I saw for a volunteer fire department”

13. “A fortune cookie I left for a colleague.”

14. “Cleaning service left a flyer and envelope asking for a tip. After one day in the rental, I’d say mop the floors.”

15. “My wife found this on one of her tables today at work.”

16. “My 8-year-old daughter made this for me. I don’t have the heart to tell her.”

17. “My daughter and our cat look like they’re up to something.”

18. “The is me, circa 2014, on the left. Kim Kardashian on the right, 2021. Who wore it better?”

Are you usually the person who’s late or the one who’s waiting for someone? Which one of these pictures made you laugh out loud?


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once at work (i work at a restrant) i had gotten a guy gave me and the other host a tip that said thank u in the tip spot then gave us a $10 tip as well to me thats the nicest tip that some one could ever get.


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