15+ People Share Photos of Their Relatives Whose Beauty Can Outshine That of Celebrities

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4 years ago

It’s not only movie stars who can boast an extraordinary appearance — but everyday people whose faces haven’t been seen by millions can also impress. With that being said, these people’s relatives decided to correct this unfairness by sharing photos of their “cinematographically beautiful” ancestors with the whole world. These photos don’t have any filters and they haven’t been edited in Photoshop so you can appreciate their true beauty.

We at Bright Side froze in silence when we were looking through the photos of these people. The bonus at the end will show you how to be a handsome guy in youth and how to stay the same handsome guy at the age of 100.

“My sister and I have recently come across old photos of our grandmother on the Internet. She was a successful model. I wish so badly I could have had the chance to meet her.”

“My gorgeous mom looking like a cinema star — she’s 23 years old in this photo.”

“My mom in Greece at age 14 with my grandparents”

“My mom when she was 16 in 1983 — the ring in her nose is a cultural trend and she had it pierced when she was just 5 years old.”

“This is my grandpa sometime after joining the war in 1944. He was a marine who fought in the pacific front of WWII.”

“My mother in nursing school in the 1970s — she’s still caring for people to this day.”

“This is my great-great-great-grandfather and his brother around 1849. They were both clerks at the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway at the Manchester Victoria Station.”

“My mom before she fled to Australia from Vietnam, 1985”

“My grandmother turned 102 today. She’s amazing!!”

“My dad rocking some bell-bottoms in the late ’70s”

“My grandmother’s wedding day picture (1954) — she was gorgeous!”

“My parents in Cuba, 1967 — my mom is a real queen.”

“This is a portrait of my great-great-grandmother in Victorian garb during the late nineteenth century.”

“This is my grandfather while serving in the US Army in Italy during the ’50s. He personally matted and framed this photo of himself for me last Christmas.”

“This was my great-grandmother, Frances. She came from a line of tenacious women in a family of nurses. We grandkids were very, very lucky to have had her in our lives for as long as we did.”

“This is my gorgeous mama looking dashing. It was taken in the 1970s in East Africa.”

“This is my dad as a college freshman in 1966. A year or so later, he joined the Navy and fought in the Vietnam War.”

“My gorgeous grandmother in 1940”

“My dad in the ’60s”

Do you have relatives whose beauty you admire? Please show us their photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit warrior_carter / Reddit


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