18 Teachers Who Went Out of Their Way to Make Education Into Something Memorable

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Being a teacher is a profession that is as noble as it is challenging. Every day there are different issues to be tackled with each and every student, so ingenuity, creativity, and patience are put to the test. However, there are teachers who have no limits when it comes to demonstrating that they are serious about their passion for teaching. Here are some examples of teachers who deserve a medal for going the extra mile and creating priceless memories for their students.

1. “My buddy is an elementary art teacher. This is how he integrated a mask into his Halloween costume!”

2. “The teacher left the class for 5 minutes.”

3. “Had to inform my students that there’s a schedule change this week...”

4. “I drew horror characters on the whiteboard at school to get my students into Halloween mode.”

5. “Teachers call in a sub for the yearbook photo.”

6. “My high school teacher put himself on a cover of Forbes and read it on a plane while he sat in first class for the first time in his life.”

7. “I 3D-printed a box of lightsabers for my students as gifts.”

8. “I’m a teacher and yesterday was my birthday, so the kids gave me a lot of cards and candy.”

9. “I’m a middle school teacher. I dress up for class sometimes.”

10. “This teacher’s wall art”

11. “My professor’s 3D-printed Utahraptor skull”

12. “Today is my 22nd birthday! I’m a student teacher, so I decided to get some little squishy fidget toys for my 4th-grade students.”

13. “My 74y.o. retired high school Spanish teacher just completed his bucket list by being on The Price Is Right.”

14. “My agriculture teacher brings his dog to school.”

15. “My English teacher showed us her game progress in class.”

16. “When you’re a teacher and your dog eats everyone’s homework...”

17. “My conducting teacher dressed up as a cockroach for Halloween.”

18. “I’m a preschool teacher with alopecia. My students said today, ’You look like the map!’”

Which teacher taught you an unforgettable lesson in life?


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