17 People Who Got a Pet and a Headache as a Bonus

3 years ago

Sometimes our pets make us feel completely awkward. We bet you’ll agree that there’s nothing better than going for a walk with your dog. It’s warm, the birds are singing and you both are in amazing spirits. And then your fluffy friend suddenly finds a puddle, lies down in it, and gets all wet and dirty. And as if that all wasn’t enough, after doing all this, they start to make bubbles with their nose.

We at Bright Side love animals and almost all of our authors have pets. But we still haven’t seen anything like the people from our article who’ve experienced the unthinkable with their pets.

“I noticed this little one had a bloated belly so I instantly rushed her to the vet. But the doctor calmed me down and said she was just fat.”

“They’re both standing here judging me as I squeeze my butt into my leggings.”

We asked the author of this Tweet to give us some feedback on how this story ended. We’re feeling worried now.

“I could’ve stopped him from chewing my boyfriend’s toothbrush or take a video...”

In any case, there can’t be too many cats.

How much more proof that cats can read and behave like this out of naughtiness do you need?

“My dog hitting my cat with a butt flip”

Yep, that’s weird.

“I step away from my laptop to get a cup of tea and the cat decided to close my work and open 15 new Windows support screens.”

“Bye, plant! The dog, in his turn, seems happy with what he’s done.”

“My wife and I are on our way to a wedding and we pulled over on the highway to switch drivers and as soon as we got out, our cat Diesel stepped on the lock button and locked us out.”

“I’m not even allowed to take a bath without this creep screaming at me and doing weird things.”

“So, you get a huskie. You happily go for a walk with him. And then this happens.”

“This little one likes to play aggressive peekaboo when visitors come over. Needless to say, it’s a very rude greeting for newcomers!”

“My dog has comfortable, expensive beds in every room of the house. His favorite place to sleep? My backpack.”

“My cat chooses the ONE person who is allergic in a room full of people!”

“This is my dog’s favorite toy. Watching the faces of people who are walking past when my dog is staring out the window with them in his mouth is brilliant.”

Has your pet ever done something that made you feel awkward and a bit ashamed?

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