23 People Whose Bosses Will Be Very Angry Tomorrow

4 years ago

Did you know that even the smartest people fail at work? A career expert and author Dr. Katherine Brookssaif said, "If you don’t occasionally have a major flop, you aren’t trying anything new, and, consequently, you’re not doing your best." However, there are some failures probably made by extremely tired and inattentive people. Well, we all start with something.

Bright Side is here to make your day brighter with some photos of people who don't need to be told what to do!

1. Keep being awesome even if everything's "gniog" wrong!

2. Installed the handrails, Boss. No exceptions.

3. Do I enter or do I not? Need to make a decision.

4. Have you ever dreamt of Samuel L. Jackson lying in your bed?

5. I'm not as think as you drunk I am!

6. Don't tell me what to do.

7. Asked for a nice view from my hotel room and got this:

8. A portal to another world

9. Am I drunk or is this a tricky elevator?

10. When you're a really hot person:

11. You've been warned.

12. Not lovin' it.

13. Not quite the soap I pictured...

14. Bought a pizza for my vegetarian friend...

15. A dress that no one sees. The latest fashion!

16. What's the absorbency level on this thing?

17. You had "noly" one job!

18. What do you know about toilet security?

19. Just checking your attention.

20. Worst slide ever.

21. How tired must the packing person have been to pack corn as bananas?

22. Dedication to the job looks like this:

23. The first from the end of the last.

24. It was really hard work...

25. If your boss is angry tomorrow, hire Milton to not be angry anymore.

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Preview photo credit zargon1978 / Reddit, AcidCow


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