How 14 Disney Princesses Would Look If They Were the Villains in the Movie

3 years ago

Our beloved princesses are always good, kind, and considerate to others. They give sweet smiles, have eyes full of affection, and boast expressions that show love. But what if they were the bad guys in the movie? What would they look like if they were villains? What would they wear?

Bright Side asked this question, and our illustrators were quick to deliver an epic answer. We want to share the results with you and hope you like them as much as we do.

1. Ariel

2. Snow White

3. Cinderella

4. Belle

5. Rapunzel

6. Jasmine

7. Mulan

8. Moana

9. Elsa

10. Aurora

11. Merida

12. Tiana

13. Anna

14. Esmeralda

Would you add any other details to these wicked Disney princesses? Do you have a favorite villain? Say who in the comments!


A bit scary! I would like to see what the villains would look like if they became good princesses! 👸
The 14 year old early 00s goth kid in me lit up and loved every single one of these much better than the originals.

The 34 year old sad adult in me thinks I should go make a sandwich and stop being so lame.

Getting old is hard guys.

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