18 Couples Who Are Nailing Family Life Thanks to Their Perfect Sense of Humor

2 years ago

Relationships are often tough, but a good joke can fix any misunderstanding. From wearing a T-shirt with a hilarious print devoted to your loved one, making a funny cake reminding them they got older, or pretending to be your partner on their birthday, there are many ways to brighten up your family life with an innocent prank.

Here at Bright Side we’ve had a good laugh at the funny jokes from these couples, and we hope they’ll make you smile too.

1. “My wife asked me which color I liked the most.”

2. “I left my ring at home and asked my fiancé to put it in a safe place for me.”

3. “I think my wife is trying to tell me something.”

4. “I’m starting a fight with my wife.”

5. Target Husband is in danger.

6. Wife said, “Lets renovate the bathroom, we both need more shelf space.”

7. “My daughter finally realized we don’t take her to Paris every weekend.”

8. Consider it done.

9. “My girlfriend turned 30, so...”

10. “I found out that our Volkswagen fits in the den. We’ll see what the wife thinks when she gets home.”

11. We wonder what his wife thinks about this T-shirt.

12. “My wife wasn’t sure what to spend our 1,900 Dave and Busters tickets on. I made an executive decision.”

13. “My husband told me that he bought me a diamond necklace.”

14. “Had minor surgery today. My husband didn’t want to take any chances so he wrote instructions on my arms and legs.”

15. “My girlfriend showed up to a party for my birthday dressed as me.”

16. “My girlfriend said if I could find uglier footwear, she would stop poking fun at my crocs.”

17. “Caught my girlfriend doing her makeup this morning.”

18. “Whenever we get into a heated argument, my wife stops mid-argument to take a selfie with me. I’m never amused.”

Is humor an essential part of your family life? What are the funniest jokes you and your partner have played on each other?

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HAHAHA nu mber 18 is a great example of those "pics my bf takes of me vs pics i take of him" posts


1 is so true! and then they get offended when you say they are all the same


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