8 Things That Won Millions of Hearts and Now Almost Everyone Has Them

4 years ago

New products that instantly become popular regularly appear on the market​​ and people of all ages want to buy them​. Online shops can’t deal with high demand, and social networks are literally bursting with photos. But then, the popularity of these products decreases, and people start to want different things. Fashion passes, but the memories and photos of these novelties stay with us.

Bright Side has found things that have already lost their former glory, but people still love and remember them. We decided to remember them with you.

1. Slime

We can find almost 14 million posts on Instagram by using the hashtag #slime, which proves the crazy popularity of this toy. Slime toys have been conquering children’s hearts over the past few seasons.

2. Water bottle

They may seem to be ordinary water bottles, but marketing specialists did a good job promoting them. The peak in the number of purchases, according to the online reviews, was in 2016-2017. But these products are still in demand. Water bottles are popular among school and university students and people who play sports. With the beginning of the summer season, the demand for these bottles usually starts to grow.

3. Minion toys

After the release of Despicable Me and The Minions cartoons, the demand for the goods that are shaped like minions or goods that have their pictures on them was enormous. People were buying balloons, stuffed toys, kiddie surprises, stickers for baby shampoo, and so on. It was a real minion mania. On top of that, customers didn’t want to limit themselves to ready-made toys, so they became interested in different kinds of DIY guides and patterns on how to sew or knit a minion.

4. Fidget spinners

This thing was popular in 2017. Various publishers wrote about the fact that “fidget spinners were low-tech, low-price stress-relieving toys, that they were a huge fad sweeping the country, and that stores couldn’t keep them in stock.” People’s excitement about these spinners can only be compared with the boom with slinky spring toys.

5. Selfie stick

The history of the selfie stick invention isn’t as simple as it might seem at first sight. This device had been invented before mobile phones became widespread. Now, this device is one of the most important working tools for bloggers and Instagram influencers. And when people go on a trip, the selfie stick is almost always the first thing to be packed.

6. Blåhaj shark

Blåhaj shark, a soft toy from IKEA, has literarily conquered the world. It travels, works, rests, attends cultural events — it does almost everything. And this shark has become the real queen of memes.

7. Hoverboard

This device is a dream for many teenagers and adults. The hoverboard appeared on the market in 2010, and they’re still popular. In large cities, people can even rent them like bicycles or cars. The popularity of these vehicles is so high, that authorities have started to pass laws that regulate the riding of these devices, so they don’t interfere with traffic on the roads.

8. Penny board

A penny board is the younger brother of the skateboard. It’s smaller than an ordinary board and is made of light plastic, which has made this device popular and available. It’s convenient to carry a penny board with you by just putting it in a backpack or a travel bag. Children, teenagers, young adults, and even small dogs are in love with these boards.

Do you have any of the things on our list? Is there any object you can’t imagine your life without?

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