A Russian Artist Shows Her Funny Vision of the World, and the Comics Hit the Bull’s-Eye

5 years ago

Funny, truthful comics by Anastasia Ivanova who’s also known as comicada can really make us smile and show us the world from a completely different angle.

Bright Side has collected the most creative illustrations depicting our own everyday activities. Do any of them ring a bell with you?

Autumn mood

A prince in reality

This monogamous relationship

Cuddles that everyone needs in the morning

Underwater life

Every single day

True cat woman

A hero we don’t know about

“I hate when this happens.”

An essential ingredient

Can’t resist

The truth always comes out.

Ruthless fashion

Travelling with an artist be like:

Sometimes you just need to let your imagination run wild...

How do you usually stay warm during autumn? Share your methods with us!

Preview photo credit comicada / instagram


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Autumn is the perfect time for me! Perfect moment to wear your favorite sweater. Right?


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