20 Photos That Show Us What “Huge Transformations” Look Like

3 years ago

When you hear the word “transformation” you probably think about weight loss, but it doesn’t stop there. It could be a pup getting huge in a matter of months, it could be a change of hairstyle, a change of lifestyle, transitioning to who you truly are, beating anorexia, or finally finding your look. All these different changes are special in their own way, and that is why we love seeing them.

That’s also why Bright Side would like you to see 20 different transformations that might make you happy or make you smile!

1. You can never go wrong with embracing your true self.

2. 1 month vs 7 months together

3. “Hard to believe I used to look like the guy on the left!”

4. “Almost 6 years of testosterone”

5. A 10-year lifestyle change

6. “Christmas morning 2018 vs Today, 197 lbs down!”

7. “Hair gains!”

8. “Turning my life around”

9. “From thicc to stick.”

10. She grew her eyebrows back!

11. “Dyed my hair, opened my eyes, got eyebrows...”

12. “The day I found him and now, 18 months later. He’s grown into a very handsome boy!”

13. “Here’s an update on my anorexia recovery. It’s been 2 years and I feel strong!”

14. “Kai has lost 100 lbs between 2018 and 2019.”

15. “Things are finally, slowly starting to turn after a lot of hard work, and I’m hopeful for the future!”

16. “Traveling with a chronic cheater vs Solo traveling as a divorced, happy woman!”

17. “Finally under 300!”

18. “3 months may not be a long time for us but it’s long enough for them to blossom!”

19. “A year of clean eating and resistance training”

20. “From 1 month to 7 months”

Do you have a huge transformation story? And is there something you would like to change about yourself?

Preview photo credit TripleXTransManXXX / reddit


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