20 People Who Took Control of Their Lives and Changed Into Their Best Selves

3 years ago

Courageously changing their gender, going from morbidly obese to a healthy weight, or even beating a self-destructive disease. If you think Superman and Wonder Woman are big-screen heroes, these people are real-life warriors who deserve to be praised for their conquests.

Bright Side found a group of people who proudly took charge of their destinies and now live the life they always wanted and deserved.

1. “You look like you could be a famous Ryan or Chris.”

2. “From morbidly obese to 132 lb less”

3. “Feeling much better these days!”

4. “This may actually be the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen.”

5. “This is my ’omg, crazy, never gonna happen’ goal weight!”

6. “Couples who lose massive amounts of weight together...”

7. “My transition completely transformed my life.”

8. “Starting weight was 500 lb, and now I’m down 212 lb.”

9. “A different kind of progress pic”

10. “Type 2 diabetes in remission and also, no longer obese! I feel good!”

11. “From standing in the middle of the dance floor to half marathons in 3 short years!”

12. “I’m proud — but I’m not finished!”

13. “Still kicking anorexia’s butt and learning to love these new curves.”

14. 100 lb less — I finally did it.

15. “You are gorgeous and look a lot happier now.”

16. “3 years ago I was struggling with my anorexia. Now I can proudly say I’ve met my goal weight.”

17. “Lost 103 lb and gained self-confidence.”

18. “Anyone can make it.”

19. “OMG! You look so young!”

20. “A year ago vs now”

What is the biggest transformation you’ve gone through in your life?

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it's extremely pleasant to see how someone actually manages to lose so much weight
makes me want to work out harder


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