An Artist Portrays Everyday Life, and His Sense of Humor Is Quite Unique

5 years ago

Adam Ellis is a graphic designer and author who became internet famous when he shared his series Dear David with his Twitter followers. While many of his themes have a dark undertone, he also creates funny and relatable comics about everyday life situations. He sometimes uses hyperbolic themes and expressions, but without necessarily losing touch with reality. Besides, let’s not forget that there’s nothing more hyperbolic than life itself.

Bright Side would like to present to you some of the most relatable comics of artist Adam Ellis that throw a funny shade on everyday life.

1. She sacrificed style for comfort.

2. Eyeliner tragedy

3. Who wants to get sick on the first day of fall?

4. Same old story

5. Is there anything that doesn’t feel spicy?

6. When you’re in love, you just can’t hide it.

7. $1,000 doesn’t sound like a good bargain.

8. Can you imagine being allergic to chocolate?

9. Your whole life is a lie.

10. You should probably bathe in it.

11. Summer has broken up so many couples.

12. Level of patience: zero

13. And you thought life was going so well.

14. Real emergencies need real and devoted heroes.

15. It’s so simple and yet so hard.

16. This is exactly how fashion works.

17. You can’t trust a cat around shiny things.

18. Artists have to eat too.

19. Was it supposed to be hard?

20. Yeah, sure you could.

21. Do you even need to ask this question?

22. Why do all bad things happen after you get out of the house?

23. Gravy running in your veins

What do you think about Adam’s work? How relatable were his comics for you? Please share your thoughts down in the comment section.


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#8 and #14 is my favorite btw i have never tried broccoli ever in my life

2 years ago
The comment wasn't about avocados. Sorry, we had to remove it.

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