Russian Artist Imagines Superheroes Aging and It’s Both Cute and Hilarious

4 years ago

Lesya Guseva is an artist widely known in Russia thanks to her comics about a little lady fox and her cats. But she has recently found new inspiration and is taking over the Internet!

Here at Bright Side, we believe that every talented artist deserves a shout out, especially when they create something this sweet.

Little did we know, Flash is afraid of needles!

Thor helping out his grandkid

Ariel kept her legs!

The "we can still dance" cruise

"Genie, I've come to bargain."

He's still such a gentleman.

Nothing will change him.

Mary Jane came in handy.

Keeping peace in the city

He deserves some rest.

Harley, is that you?!

Ultimate makeup man

Crazy cat woman

Did you know Mickey is over 90 years old now?

Modern day Lion King

Superman never gets old

And Tony Stark took Hugh Hefner's place, of course.

Bonus: artist's process in one minute

Which of these surprised you the most? Be sure to share your thoughts and feelings with us in the comment section below.


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Can u even imagine that someday these guys will be the past? Tho i never even like mickey mouse, i dont want him to get old....


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