A Young Artist Makes Comics About What It’s Like Being a Girl, and They’re So Relatable It Hurts

5 years ago

Illustrator randomninjakitty lives in the U.S. She is only 19 years old but her female geared comics are full of irony and hilarity. She shows that girls’ lives aren’t a piece of cake because they’re the queens of contradiction, and there’s always that eternal struggle in their heads between expectations and reality.

Bright Side gathered 17 comic strips about girls’ lives that are likely to make you say, “Wow! This is totally me!”

17. The same goes for photos...

16. How to feel like Bigfoot: grow out your hair.

15. Bookworms rule!

14. Friendship as it is

13. Boo! It isn’t seaweed...

12. Go on with it!

11. Sometimes this is true...

10. “I just wanna touch my skin forever.”

9. Exactly...

8. “Hey, jock!”

7. Do you remember your emo stage?

6. Black, definitely...

5. All women are princesses!

4. “The first rule of Fight Club is...”

3. The best workout ever!

2. Mutual love

1. Mission impossible: symmetry

Which of these pictures did you like most? Share your favorite artist with us!

Preview photo credit randomninjakitty / Instagram


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