20 Times Life Played Its Harshest Tricks on Us

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Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations that make us wonder whether we’ve entered a surreal universe. And while these unusual and unfortunate events would make us feel annoyed, frustrated, or angry, it’s useful to look at them with a sarcastic eye. After all, bad moments will pass, and it’s better to transform them into stories that make us laugh rather than allow them to ruin our day.

1. ’’She’s confused by what has happened to her whiskers.’’

2. “The water at my aunt’s work”

3. “I ordered one Brussels sprout instead of 1 kg!”

4. “How my pizza arrived”

5. “My toaster lets you pick 6 different levels of how toasted you want your bread to be (6 being the most toasted). This was what I got for level 2.”

6. “’When the stylist says, ’I’m having a tough time with your hairline!’”

7. “I spilled spaghetti in my shoe...”

8. “I bought these binoculars specifically to go to the Grand Canyon today.”

9. “This ’blueberry’ muffin I just ordered”

10. “My brother ’salted’ the driveway.”

11. “My wife just cut open the watermelon she grew in the garden this year.”

12. “My in-laws’ dog ate my glasses the first night I arrived for visit.”

13. “My wedding tux pants ripped 45 minutes before the ceremony.”

14. “My cat threw a perfume bottle on my toilet and broke the lid.”

15. “Winter makeup”

16. “This ’Caesar salad’ cost $15.”

17. “I spilled my coffee.”

18. “Cream” filled

19. “You’re at work and this happens.”

20. “I broke out a pair of old shoes, and this happened 5 blocks later...”

Did you ever find yourself in a similar situation?


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#10 haha. Just swinging it thinking he's got it sussed.


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