16 Tricks Celebrities Use to Always Look Stunning in Photos

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2 years ago

Celebrities are well aware that the key to a good photo is not only a correctly chosen outfit, a perfect hairdo, and makeup, but also a spectacular angle. Each celebrity has her own significant angle. For example, Kristen Stewart slightly bends her neck to the side, while Paris Hilton almost always crosses her legs in photos.

We at Bright Side found out what postures help celebrities look good in photos and we’ve already started using some of them.

All of Rihanna’s photos are accompanied by a languid look over her shoulder.

Jennifer Lawrence always poses in front of cameras with one arm on her hip or waist.

George Clooney often rubs his hands, as if anticipating getting another award.

Kristen Stewart bends her neck to the side and slightly lifts the opposite shoulder.

Gisele Bündchen bends her leg in a playful manner.

Aishwarya Rai enhances her confidence with a “double-arm” posture.

Jennifer Aniston tightly holds her celebrity partners.

Paris Hilton crosses her legs in almost all of her photos.

One leg out front helps Jennifer Lopez look stunning.

Victoria Beckham also uses this rule and at the same time slightly bends her body backward.

Katy Perry bends one knee and moves her shoulders forward.

Robert Pattinson worries about his hair a lot and keeps fixing it every chance he gets.

Amanda Seyfried sets her feet really wide apart.

Eva Mendes blows kisses to her fans.

Penélope Cruz sends warm greetings to everyone, like a queen.

Nicole Kidman holds her hands on her tummy in a shy manner.

What helps you look good in photos? Please share your tricks with us in the comments!

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