I Refuse to Share My Inheritance With My Dad and Brother After Discovering a Family Secret

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7 months ago

So, my grandpa passed away last year, and things got a bit out of hand with the inheritance. I’m Benjamin, 33, and it turns out grandpa left me the bulk of his stuff—a fancy house worth more than $890K, plus cash and other valuables totaling over $250K.

Benjamin’s story.

The twist is that he left zilch for my dad, Mark, who’s 67, and my brother, James, who’s 41. Family drama alert! But here’s the backstory: my dad and his dad weren’t exactly best buddies. They had this big fallout when my dad married my mom, Catherine, back in uni days.

Grandad wasn’t a fan, so he cut ties with my dad. Grandparents never met my brother and me until after grandpa John kicked the bucket.

Fast forward to grandpa John’s funeral, and we’re sitting with a lawyer going through the inheritance details. Turns out, grandpa John split it into thirds—two for his daughters and one for me, getting my dad’s share. No love for my dad or bro. Dad’s flipping out, rightfully so, but I was more like, “Eh, whatever.”

Then comes the bombshell.

The family lawyer hands me a letter from grandpa John, written a year before he passed. In it, he spills the beans that my dad isn’t James’s biological father. Apparently, mom was pregnant with James when she met my dad, and grandad couldn’t wrap his head around it. So, he disowned Dad, and they never made up. Shocked, I talk to my parents, and they confirm the story. It turns out that grandpa John’s disapproval caused a lot of problems for them in the past.

The letter also hints at a chance for reconciliation. Grandpa John regretted his decisions and hoped the truth would bring us closer. Now, Dad’s clueless about this bombshell, and I’m caught in the middle. Do I spill the beans or not? Plus, there’s the whole inheritance mess. My family’s calling me greedy for not wanting to share, but it’s not that simple. I don’t know how to break it to Dad without causing a total family meltdown. It’s a messy situation, and I’m stuck in the middle of this family tornado. What do I even do?

Advice from Bright Side

Hey Benjamin, dealing with all the family stuff and the inheritance is a lot, right? First things first, take a breather and let all the info sink in. Finding out about your brother’s dad and the inheritance mess is no joke, so give yourself some time to wrap your head around it.

Honesty is crucial in families, but it’s also tricky. When you spill the beans to your dad about your brother’s real dad, make sure you’re emotionally ready. Pick a good time, so it’s not a disaster. Think about getting a family therapist to help with the talk. A pro can keep things cool and help everyone say what they need to without it turning into a huge fight.

Now, about the inheritance.

Figure out what really matters to you. You might feel like keeping the money away from your dad and bro is the right move, but think about the long run. Does it match up with the kind of person you want to be and the family you want to have?

Talk to your dad before doing anything money-wise. Be open about why you’re unsure about sharing the inheritance. Let him share his side too. It’s gonna be a tough chat, but it’s gotta happen for things to make sense.

Be ready for some strong feelings. Families are messy, and this could shake things up. Be patient and try to understand where everyone’s coming from. Lean on friends or other family members for support while you figure this out.


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