12 True Events That Defy the Norms of Rationality

7 months ago

Picture a world where other dimensions run alongside ours. This can lead to some remarkable occurrences that some people would experience out of the blue. It might include encounters with departed loved ones, puzzling events, or the sudden disappearance of objects. Some people have recounted these chilling stories online, and we guarantee they’re bound to give you an intense eerie feeling.

  • I was half asleep when something grabbed my feet. I jumped up and saw a little girl run out of the room. My two dogs both looked at the little girl, watched her leave the room, and then looked at me, as if to say, “Did you see that?” They chased her down the stairs into the living room. I followed behind them, and when we got to the living room, there was no one there. The only explanation I have is that I was still dreaming while awake. © tisafunnyoldworld / Reddit
  • My grandfather sat on the edge of my bed when I was in the 4th grade and told me a bedtime story. He died before I was born, and the only photo of him was in a chest in my grandmother’s attic. I hadn’t even heard his name before; his life and passing were a sore spot in my family.
    © d***lykitten54 / Reddit
  • After my dad passed away when I was little, I slept with my mom in a 3rd story apartment. Each night, I would see the shadow of a hand in the window and get scared, burying my head between my mom’s back and the bed. This went on for a couple of weeks, and I remember being terrified. I finally worked up the courage to look at the windowsill in the day. Nothing was there. I went outside and looked up at the window. Nothing was near it. I cannot explain it. Just weird. © t-rex82 / Reddit
  • A week before my twin brother died, I was in the passenger side of the car when an awful thought with visuals popped into my mind. I envisioned being at his house, finding it empty, and his door shut. Despite this, I had an overwhelming feeling that he was no longer alive. It was the first time I had cried over just a thought. Additionally, I had a dream where he visited me and asked where he was. In the dream, he didn’t know he was dead, but I showed him his death certificate and all the paperwork my mom was filling out. I can’t explain it, but seeing that a week ahead helped me process his death better than my siblings and mom. His 10th anniversary is coming up in March, and I’ve been trying to dream about him with no luck. © breezeandtrees / Reddit
  • I saw a pencil eraser disappear. I threw it against some lockers, and it just vanished. I looked around for a good while before I gave up. For the remainder of elementary school, I would look in that spot to see if it was there. It disappeared, I tell you! © xerxerxex / Reddit
  • I was probably 13 or 14, and my brother, who’s two years younger, was outside with me playing basketball. My dad was traveling for business, but when he was home, he would go out to his shed to work on wooden decoys, and he would always say “hey guys” to my brother and me. So, one night while my dad was away on business, we both heard “hey guys” in my dad’s voice, and we both said “hey” back, thinking he came home early. After we were done playing, we went inside to ask my mom why dad was home, and she told us he wasn’t. He ended up coming home two days later as scheduled. My brother and I remember it clear as day and still can’t explain it. © Asseman / Reddit
  • On a Wednesday evening, I remember I went to sleep; I was 6 years old. I woke up, and it was Friday. I remember asking my mom why it was Friday when yesterday it was Wednesday. She said yesterday was Thursday, obviously.
    I asked her what I did on Thursday because the last thing I remember is going to sleep on Wednesday. She started naming some activities, and I remembered none of that. I never found out why I don’t remember Thursday. © Unknown user / Reddit
  • I saw a man walk down the sidewalk and stop at one of the free newspaper stands. He opened it and pulled out a spatula, then turned around and walked back in the other direction. If he were homeless, it would have made sense, but the man was dressed in clean and pressed business casual attire, with perfect hair and a clean shave. © efshoemaker / Reddit
  • My mom was a single mom with two kids. She was stressed over bills but had just enough to cover them. Unfortunately, it left us with no money. She was a hard worker and would do multiple shifts at the hospital. Still, it was hard this particular month. She was sweeping and hoped for a solution. As she turned around to empty the dustbin into the trash, there was a crisp $100 bill perfectly laying on top of the filled trash can. No one lived at our house with us. She was never able to explain it. © poshfiend / Reddit
  • Years ago, my husband and I were lazing about, watching a movie. Adverts came on, and we weren’t paying much attention, but just as one finished, we both recognized the place it was filmed, pretty sure we had been there. It took a few seconds to find the remote and rewind, still talking about our visit to the place on the advert. However, it wasn’t there. We fast-forwarded, thinking we missed it. Still, there was nothing. We rewound again, and again, nothing. It’s nothing very exciting, but it’s totally unexplainable, and we still get weirded out when either of us brings it up. © tottiepots / Reddit
  • My dad, sister, and I all saw something that wasn’t an animal and wasn’t human. This was in winter 2015. We were driving, and it ran out in front of us on the road. It was so fast that it was a dark blur, but we all agree we saw long, gangly limbs like a deer, yet it had human-looking “arms” and “legs.” We still talk about it. © doometteowo / Reddit
  • I was in my room playing at 6 years old when I remember my grandfather walks in and talks to me for a few minutes. After a bit, he gets up and tells me, “Be a good girl for Mom,” kisses me on the forehead, and walks out. Mom comes in about 5 minutes later, in a hysterical state, and tells me my grandpa had died overnight, and we had to leave to go be with the family two states over where he lived. © shayluhhh / Reddit

Another kind of stories that can really confuse and scare us is when our kids talk about memories from their “previous lives.” Even though we can’t prove if these stories are true or just a result of a child’s active imagination, they still make us feel uneasy. And the gut-wrenching memories these kids have shared will definitely make you question life and what it’s all about.

Preview photo credit shayluhhh / Reddit


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