18 People Reveal the Weird Things They Saw While Working in Other People’s Homes

3 years ago

Strangers’ homes are separate kingdoms that hide their own mysteries and intrigues. Reddit users, whose job requires them to go into other people’s homes, have recently confirmed this statement because now they have the story for a lifetime.

We at Bright Side together with the authors of these posts are sneaking around on our tiptoes to metaphorically peek into other people’s lives and we invite you to join us. Make sure to not make too much noise.

  • Realtor here. I was showing a house that was supposed to be empty. I knocked and rang the bell to make sure. Once inside I walked into a bedroom and found the current tenant naked, absolutely slamming on an electronic drum kit, in what was a mostly soundproof room. © nolatime / Reddit

  • A jar full of bedbugs. The owners wanted to show us that they indeed had bedbugs. Though there was no need to do that. You could see the things in the daylight all over the furniture. We knew... © icedcoffeedevotee / Reddit
  • I installed sod at this lady’s newly built home. She was in her mid-60s maybe. Anyway, she didn’t know where the valve to the exterior tap was in the basement and asked if I could go down and turn it on for her. No problem. I go down the stairs to the unfinished basement and it’s pitch dark. I find a light switch and then suddenly there is a 400-pound man naked and asleep on a mattress, 3 feet away from me. She never mentioned this before I went downstairs... © jibbletmonger / Reddit

  • I’m a midwife, and in a postpartum visit at a home, the couple had 2 big pigs as pets. They were living with them in the house and even had their own room. Super chill pigs. © mireilledgb / Reddit
  • The apartment is mostly on the second floor, with a second entrance, den, and washroom on the first floor (the rest of the floor is another apartment). Buddy who called me for some plumbing work decides he doesn’t need the downstairs area so he just uses it as a compost pit... literally just throws his organic trash down the stairs. Pile is like 5 feet tall, 8 feet across. © mackadoo / Reddit
  • I go into peoples’ homes to see their kids for speech therapy. The most bizarre thing I’ve seen is a sanitary pad (unused, thankfully) stuck to the wall. Nobody acknowledged it was there and I didn’t want to point it out. The strangest part is that I’ve seen this happen in 2 different homes! © icedcoffee43va / Reddit
  • I am an EMT. I worked in the poorest part of town and people would have like 6 kids in a 2 bedroom slum apartment but have no furniture. Plastic lawn chairs in the living room and mattresses on the floor. But then in some nice areas, you’d find people who are house poor. Really nice house and lawn on the outside, but the inside is also empty and in disrepair. © allf8ed / Reddit
  • I work as a real estate agent and would frequently go into homes in all conditions with buyers and sellers. There was a really cool historic house listed in a good neighborhood. The guy was a hoarder and he had torn off all the plaster and filled the walls with books. The books were in every room of the house. Floor to ceiling. © call-me-mama-t / Reddit
  • I clean houses. One guy has his Snap-On toolbox in his closet and instead of naked women on the wall, like I’m used to (stepdad is a mechanic), he has posters of a young Queen Elizabeth II. © LadyBearJenna / Reddit
  • I saw a full-size outdoor type hot tub in a master bedroom full of live koi fish. © freemason801 / Reddit
  • My husband’s grandfather owns several rental properties. When my husband was acting as his property manager, he found this very ornate wizard staff with a little crystal ball on top. As the property in the unit was considered abandoned, his grandfather let him keep it. © stormtiger88 / Reddit
  • My mom works for a pet-sitting business and I have often tagged along with her. Nothing too much to say that was out of the ordinary, but one place I went to had a small cottage next to the main house that was purposed entirely for the cat. It was capable of supporting 2 people but it was suited to this one cat. © Churchofbabyyoda / Reddit

  • Paramedic here. I responded to the apartment of a diabetic a few years back. She had decided for some reason to throw her used diabetic needles on her bathroom floor. She must have been doing it for years because there were literally thousands of needles on her bathroom floor. So many, in fact, that she decided to place planks of wood on the needles as bridges so she could walk to the sink, toilet, and shower without stepping on the needles. © Taco_m / Reddit
  • A woman I used to clean for would stick her chewed gum all over her bedside table. It looked like it was covered in mosaic tile or seashells. Wasn’t sure if I was supposed to “clean” it or not, so I didn’t. © Threeblooms / Reddit

  • One guy had an organ built into his house. Like... Literally, the house was an organ. The pipes ran everywhere. It was the most insane thing I have ever seen. © SlightlyJason / Reddit
  • I was a TV/internet tech for a while. I was sitting by the TV on a lovely plush white carpet, when the owner tipped over a can of wet dog food, directly onto the carpet for the dog to eat. © JJY93 / Reddit
  • I’ve certainly gone into some interesting houses as a paramedic. One that sticks out is a patient who had chickens living in the house with them. Not in cages, just walking around the house. The floor was carpet. They told me they also put them in their car and take them for a ride so they don’t get bored. © Alittlebitflagyl / Reddit
  • I used to design furniture for rich people and they all were always super kind with no creepy things in their homes, but this one family had their whole bar made of solid gold and ivory, everything there was made of gold and ivory, even the seats. © moonchild_06 / Reddit

What weird things have you come across in other people’s houses?


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