A Russian Artist Draws Comics in Which Every Girl Can Recognize Herself

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2 years ago

A 32-year-old artist known under the pseudonym Stushona Iva lives and works in Chelyabinsk, Russia. She loves to travel during her free time and she posts funny comics on Instagram and Facebook where she points out the difficulties modern women face. For example, there are cruel hair stylists who still can’t understand the meaning of the words, “Just a trim, please!” and many other situations with which every girl is familiar.

Bright Side collected some of the artist’s comics and wants to share them with our readers. Even if you don’t recognize yourself in these pictures, they’re still sure to boost your mood!

The size of the coffee cup you need before work on Monday morning:

Girls are prone to fits of “cuteness” not only over pets...

Who creates these fashion trends?

Buying your first car

Whatever you do, don’t fall flat on your face.

Mornings can be rough.

Female friendship

Sometimes good girls also want to be rebellious.

You can always depend on your cat to lift your spirits.

It’s not the Prince who woke her up...it’s coffee!

A beautiful way to avoid problems

The truth about online shopping

How to attract your boyfriend’s attention:

This is exactly how you want to sleep after work:

Just be optimistic!

Coffee beans: Rescue Rangers

It’s a world conspiracy of hair stylists. What other explanation is there?

This is dedicated to all men who love to sit like this in public transport:

Did any of these remind you of your own life? Share your stories with us in the comments below!

Preview photo credit comicada / instagram


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