17 Honest Illustrations That Prove Motherhood Is a Never-Ending Adventure

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3 years ago

Yulia Enslinger is one of those resilient moms who takes all of her hardships easily and with a sense of humor. She draws comics and posts them on her page on Instagram which thousands of other mothers follow. There they communicate, find like-minded people, and discuss funny situations that every woman who’s had to take care of a baby will understand.

We at Bright Side found Yulia’s comics sincere and positive. They have everything: humor, irony, and raw truth. That’s why we want to show them to our readers — perhaps they will support those mothers who are on maternity leave right now or it will remind others about that “golden period.” In any case, they will definitely make you smile because all the negative stuff stays in the past, while those bright memories about the baby’s first years will stay forever.


I admire mothers who get their bodies back to their original shape after childbirth. My mind and motivation get even more excited by those who manage to make their body shape even more gorgeous than before having kids.


The other day I wondered how breastfeeding looks from the baby’s perspective.


It was the second hour of walking the baby around the kids’ room. Are your husbands also supermen?


Basically, my son’s nails grow at a cosmic speed. Or it just seems that way to me.


Dear mothers, how do you relax on weekends?


My father-in-law sometimes jokes that now all the things and the furniture need to be nailed to the ceiling. The flowerpots used to sit on the windowsill until the moment when Felix started to reach for them. Have the plants in your home moved somewhere above where they used to be with the appearance of your kid?


You need to keep an eye on them, constantly. But sometimes even that is not enough.



Felix is 2 years old already and the number of times I heard the word “mom” from him can be counted on my fingers. Recently, in the morning, he suddenly called for me. At that moment I was sleeping with earplugs in my ears and didn’t hear it on the baby monitor. Luckily my husband heard it and he brought Felix into the bedroom and made me happy with the news. In the comics above, I showed how happily I’ll be rushing to the baby’s room in the mornings when hearing this cherished word.


I didn’t expect that a favorite broken cup could knock me off the wagon.



Yesterday I saw my son screaming for the first time. He did get upset and cry before, but I had yet to hear such a big scream from him. I had to re-draw this illustration. I didn’t save the first one and when I was drawing the second variant, I poured all the negative on it. Initially, it was less frightening.


Helping kids is cool. Right after his morning chores, my little superman rushes to the washing machine. There are 2 options for his actions. The first one: if the washing machine is empty, it should be filled with something, doesn’t matter what. He can fill it with clean clothes taken from the radiator mixed with dirty clothes from the laundry basket; he can also add toys and other objects that, in my son’s opinion, are not in their place. The second option: if the washing machine is full, it should be emptied! Clean wet clothes usually end up on the dirty floor that mother (me) hasn’t washed for a couple of days.


But sometimes it happens... idyll.


Teaching the baby without getting hurt — I’ve never heard of that.


A recent interaction from our life


Do all moms do it or am I mistaken?

Please tell us about your motherhood experience. Did you experience the situations that Yulia depicted?

Preview photo credit julcheck_ / instagram


first time a baby say mom, she will feel excited
and then she will be so tired after she hears it for the next 100000 times ?

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