20 Pics That Say “I Love You” Without Words

2 years ago

Sometimes, the smallest yet frequent acts of love weigh much more than the grandest one-off gestures. It’s in these moments that our loved ones truly feel appreciated and cherished.

Bright Side believes that these little actions speak louder than any words of affection. We rounded up these photos that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside with their simple yet powerful expressions of love.

1. “I’m working 60 hours a week, so my 8-year-old drew me a picture to hang on my locker. Somehow, everything seems fine now.”

2. “I have mental health issues. My boyfriend surprised me with this today so that I can let him know how I’m feeling without words.”

3. “This man waits for his wife to get out of class every day just so he can hold the door open for her.”

4. “Came home from work today to find my 12-year-old stepson had spent hours making this...”

5. “My mom sent me this picture of her and our family dog showing their PRIDE. It made me smile to know they support and love me.”

6. “My girlfriend took this pic of me working in a hotel. I’ve never had a girlfriend who makes me feel handsome, even when I’m working.”

7. “I’ve been a father for 72 hours.”

8. “My 7-year-old daughter just handed me this folded piece of paper.”

9. A dog’s love is truly unconditional.

10. “3 years and counting, she’s still got my back.”

11. “This is my non-verbal autistic daughter holding my hand for the first time in her life. I am over the moon.”

12. “It’s been an extremely stressful week. Today, my husband packed my lunch and included a sweet surprise.”

13. “Not to brag, but my girls made me one heck of a tie for Father’s Day.”

14. “After losing 6 babies, I got my lucky #7!”

15. “My grandpa wearing a shirt of him and my grandma from 1969”

16. “My 71-year-old dad has Alzheimer’s. Today, these hand-painted Christmas cards turned up in the mail for his grandsons.”

17. “Whenever my oldest son is in his Quadriciser (a special therapeutic machine), my youngest stays right by his side and walks on the treadmill.”

18. “Today my wife surprised me with this guitar pick.”

19. “I found gardening really helped with my anxiety. For our anniversary, my husband gifted me a potting shed.”

20. “My sister has Down syndrome and was afraid to see me in the hospital. My mom snapped this candid shot.”

Which of these photos made you want to hug a loved one right now? And in what simple ways do you express your love to the people most important to you? Sound off your thoughts in the comments!

Preview photo credit Irishcolleen89 / Reddit


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