15 People Shared the Most Precious Moments They’ll Remember Forever

2 years ago

According to a study, the memories attached to emotions are very strong. In fact, we don’t remember everything in our lives, but those moments in which we felt our heart beating are forever seared in the brain. We only need a picture, a smell, or a certain place to relive the emotions all over again.

We at Bright Side have managed to gather a portion of joy and happiness into 15 pictures, and we’d like you to enjoy them as much as we did.

1. “My wife, going back to the country where she was born, for the first time since she was 8”

2. “I got to go to a wedding for the first time tonight! I cried multiple times and danced for 3 hours.”

3. “I just wanted to share this picture of me and my best friend/ soulmate. She makes fighting through this depression worth it!”

4. “6 months ago, our neighbor trapped our cat and released him 12 miles away. Today, we found him! Welcome home, Iggy!”

5. “I recently visited a beautiful place in India called the Duduma Waterfalls. The energy around it was mesmerizing.”

“Hope you feel the same happiness I felt.”

6. “I had my very first solo art show! Even though we had an ice storm that night, my family and friends still came to see it.”

7. “After being told since I was 14 that I’d never have children of my own, I’ve made it to 11.5 weeks pregnant!”

8. “My dog the first night I got him and in the first home he’s ever had”

9. “My partner took a picture of the way I was looking at him. I love how happy I look (because I am).”

10. “The happiest moment of my life”

11. “Today I’m celebrating 2 years of sobriety. I was in a lot of darkness in my life. I’m grateful for the vibrancy that has come back to me.”

12. “It’s been one year since I left my job to pursue art full-time. This photo is of the first mural I finished post-quitting.”

“I feel so much relief and joy in this photo.”

13. “I took an early morning hot air balloon ride and it was breathtaking.”

14. “Took my son to his first-ever Monster Jam!! Awesome memories happened!!”

15. The day her son graduated

Do you have a picture that reminds you of a precious moment? Tell us in the comments.

Preview photo credit CambodianDuck/reddit


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