20 Pics That Made Us Curious About What’s Going On in Them

2 years ago

The universe holds its secrets tight and close, and it’s up to our weathered eyes and curious minds to unravel them. Sometimes it’s obscure biology facts, sometimes it’s weird angles and light refraction. And sometimes it’s just a series of circumstances and everything falls into place once we learn the story behind it.

Bright Side gathered a collection of photos that leave you with more questions than answers and we hope we can figure them out together.

1. Sometimes, white orcas have noticeable scratch-like patterns across their bodies.

These markings are called rake marks and they’re caused by other orcas. Don’t worry, it’s probably a result of playing and not some violent fight. Black orcas have these marks as well, but we can’t see them due to their darker skin color.

2. “It’s interesting how, when these trees fell, they pulled up the grass like a big unbroken sheet.”

3. “This tree that fell and bisected another tree”

4. “This tree that grew through a window grate and was left as a reminder of greener times in the past.”

5. “A sticker on my high school hat that I’ve had for 10 years fell off, showing the original color.”

6. “Falling asleep in the rain = dog stamp”

7. “My bracelet started picking up all of the iron from the sand.”

8. “A couple of years ago, my sister began hunting for uranium glass at estate sales.”

9. “Somebody drew a Mona Lisa with dust that had accumulated on the truck.”

10. “Graffiti being erased in an abandoned factory”

11. “My lamp gave these sunglasses some eyes.”

12. “Spilt my coffee and a dragon was born.”

13. “We noticed a tree that seemed to be floating above the road.”

14. “My bearded dragon ate blackberries so he looks like he has lipstick on.”

15. “3 suns, kind of a weird reflection”

16. “I ordered 2 identical curtain rods from Amazon, this is how they were packaged.”

17. “I saw a little room with 2 chairs and a table in the sea today.”

18. “My dog decided to sniff my sheets and left a perfect, nose-shaped mark behind.”

19. “My apartment complex rented out 200 goats to eat away at the overgrown path and riverbed behind our buildings!”

20. “This opportunity art I found on a trail near my house”

What is the strangest thing you’ve ever witnessed? Share your own questionable photos with us!

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I have always wondered why people don't remove those stickers from the hats


l would question no: 1, 7 & 8
FYI no 1 are Dolphins and those marks looked fake.
l've seen the kind of raking you are talking about and that's not it. Good try, though if you are trying to educate as well as entertain please get your Facts right first.
no 7: The watch picking up the iron filings in the sand?
Scientifically there is no way that would happen the way it's been described.
no 8: Just no.


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