20+ People Who Discovered Unusual Money-Saving Tricks to Have the Wedding of Their Dreams

3 years ago

wedding is an important event in any person’s life. But often, preparation and the implementation of ideas can cost a fortune, and the grand total gives not joy, but despondency. And for the characters in our article, this is no reason to give up on their dream day because they know how to save money on a dress and not be disappointed, where to organize a celebration, and how to replace expensive details.

Bright Side will show you the most effective solutions that Internet users dared to try to reduce the cost of their wedding without spoiling it in the least.

“We had a 3-tiered pizza stand at our wedding. And instead of a cake cutting ceremony, my wife and I had a pizza cutting ceremony!”

“It originally cost $154 but was on clearance for $56, and I had a discount for my birthday and a $10 coupon. As a result, this dress cost me $9! My sister was upset because her outfit for my wedding was more expensive!”

“Our celebration for 24 people cost only $99! Despite many failures and last-minute changes, I’m happy. We have ignored most of the traditions and did the wedding absolutely our own way!”

“I found a dress for $260. It was only possible to buy a dress online, but I was absolutely satisfied!”

“My friends had their wedding ceremony in our new house while it was still empty. We’re moving in next week, but it was a great pre-housewarming.”

“When I almost lost hope of finding something worthwhile, I found this dress for $99.”

“I got the dress from Amazon for $100 along with the veil for $10, the earrings for $2, and the flowers for $25. I think I pulled it off well!”

“We built the arch for our wedding ourselves. It was $80 for the materials and took about 2 hours to put together.”

“I made myself a wedding coat and a dress. They have about 70,000 hand-sewn sequins. And I drew all the patterns myself.”

“I made a bouquet for my sister’s wedding with succulents from my yard.”

“We wanted to have a wedding for less than $3,000. The dress, for example, cost only $15. It was the best decision for us.”

“I bought this dress in a secondhand store for $20 and remade it. I really like the way it looks in the photo. And this homemade bouquet was just $3.”

“This is my engagement puppy (instead of a ring). I’ve wanted a dog my whole life. And this is a great way to show that you’re ready to start a family.”

“This is a dress from an expensive boutique. But the model is discontinued so it cost less.”

“I went to try on dresses at a boutique that was way over my price range. I told the shopping assistant that my absolute maximum budget was $600 but the stylist said that the dresses on the floor started at around $1,000. But she was so nice and found me a beautiful discontinued dress in the basement for $400!”

“I made my own wedding invitations and am so happy with how they turned out!”

“I thrifted my wedding dress and have no complaints! I plan to continue the thrifting chain.”

You can make confetti from things other than paper.

“I made my own wedding dress. It was a challenge that took 165 hours!”

“And here’s the same dress on me vs after it was finished.”

“My $352 wedding dress! And it’s better than any designer dress I’ve tried on.”

“My wedding arch — it’s handmade and includes 1,000 paper cranes.”

“We got married and this is the only picture we took — having fun in a parking garage on our way back to the hotel.”

“Of course, I knew that I was marrying a student and that the wedding would be on a budget, but when he sent me this, I realized how wrong I was about the words, ’on a budget.’”

“I’ve been searching at thrift stores for a couple of months for my wedding attire and finally found this brand new white jumpsuit with tags for $5.”

How was your wedding? Did you do something for it with your own hands? Show us your wedding pictures!

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The purple wedding coat and wedding dress that she created is magnificent! It's certainly one of the most phenomenal outfits that I've ever seen in my life. She looks gorgeous in it as well. I almost can't believe it was made by hand. Such a glamorous dress.


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