18 People Whose Hearts Are So Full of Love, They Share It Generously

2 years ago

We all have the potential to become the best version of ourselves. But it takes hard work, and everyday life gets in the way. We end up forgetting about the little things that matter, like our family, friends, and community. Since there’s no time like the present to change the course of our lives, here’s a reminder that people can be innately kind and selfless, and so can you.

At Bright Side, we have prepared a list of 18 people that show the true meaning of love. Get comfy in bed with a warm cup of tea and scroll through this pure gold for your soul.

1. “He told me he’s going to hug the evil out of the Evil Queen...”

2. This elderly man picked up trash for over 30 minutes.

3. “The leg on my kid’s toy broke off, so I made her a prosthetic with a 3D pen and a scrap piece of metal.”

4. “My grandmother missed my couch potato grandfather so much that she made a picture pillow.”

5. “Saw a bumblebee struggling, so I gave it some sugar water. A couple of minutes later, off it flew. Good deed is done for the day.”

6. “My 88-year-old grandma bakes cookies each December. She donates them to the Christmas market from the local disability home.”

7. “I stumbled across this during my parents’ divorce — a simple reminder that love can last forever.”

8. “My friend’s heart rocks!”

Thank you for all that you do! Help yourself!
The Chaos”

9. “A couple of days ago, I got my license returned to me in the mail, along with a letter from a young boy. Here is how our meeting went!”

“Dear Mr.
I found your driver license on the street, and so I thought that you will really need it back. So I thought this would be the nice thing to do. And I hope that when you see something like this, you will do the same thing.
Sincerely, Steven”

10. “I told my dad I liked basil seed drinks and he sent me a box of it!”

11. “I fostered a pregnant dog so she wouldn’t have her pups in a shelter.”

12. “365 reasons to smile for my girlfriend”

13. “My husband surprised me by leaving these encouraging notes for me this morning.”

14. “My 93-year-old dementia patient painted my cat. I have no cat, but I’m starting to fall in love with this one.”

15. “My daughter’s letter to her teacher”

“Dear Mrs —,
You have been a great art teacher. I was like a blank piece of paper, then you came along and gave me color. Thank you.
Your friend”

16. “Was on the way home when the tire popped. A kind cashier at the gas station stopped everything and helped us through the whole thing.”

17. “Haven’t been having the best day today. This was extremely inspiring to see.”

18. “Bought my girlfriend’s 85-year-old father an Oculus, he loves it.”

What do you like to do for others? What’s the kindest gesture someone’s ever done for you?

Preview photo credit better-off-ted/ Reddit


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