19 Pics to Prove That Laughter Is a Lifesaving Pill

2 years ago

Laughter can help women who are trying to become pregnant, according to studies. Scientists suggest that because laughter can minimize stress, if a woman had a good laugh just after having an egg implanted in her womb it could help increase her pregnancy chances. Today’s article has a mission to help you fight your stress and reach your milestones with the help of a good laugh.

Here at Bright Side, we truly believe that not only an apple a day, but a good giggle, can keep a doctor away. Let’s get a dose of fun together.

1. “Son was born 2 days ago. He is not amused.”

2. “My wife caught me doing my best merman impression.”

3. “My mother-in-law bought me a giant spatula so I made a giant burger with it, with two full-size pizzas for the bun.”

4. “My dad found my hair extensions.”

5. “My almost 2 year old son’s Mother’s day survey from daycare.”

6. “This guy at the NYC Auto Show won my heart.”

7. “My mother-in-law was visiting for three weeks leaving my father-in-law 2,000 miles away to fend for himself.”

“He sent her these flowers after a week.”

8. “My uncle had a heart attack. As you can see he is doing well.”

9. “My wife left me alone with our son during a critical decision. She was less than amused. Dad win.”

10. “I posted this pic of myself on Facebook. This is the reply from my cousin.”

11. “My husband is very creative.”

12. “I’m a photographer — a maternity shoot I had booked was a no show, so my boyfriend stepped in to make sure the evening wasn’t a waste.”

13. “I start my dream job tomorrow (maternity nursing)! Here’s the cake my boyfriend got me to celebrate.”

14. “One of my co-workers photos while expecting a baby.”

15. “I present to you fine people, my cat.”

16. “This clay mask really made me look younger!”

17. “Maternity jeans are for rich people.”

18. “Thrift store find.”

19. “My robot vacuum tried to take out the competition today.”

Which photo tickled your funny bone the most? What is your favorite photo from the internet that makes you laugh like mad?

Preview photo credit smthng4nthng / Reddit


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