18 People Who Saw a Real Comedy While Doing Everyday Things

2 years ago

Sitcoms are funny because they feature relatable situations. But the sidesplitting scenes we see onscreen can also happen in our everyday lives. And when they do, they spice up what would have otherwise been an ordinary day. Luckily, some people who came across these real-life skits captured the moment and shared the good vibes online.

Bright Side gathered these 18 photos that could very well fit into a comedic storyline.

1. “We got roast pork. My cat was excited.”

2. “The plan was simple. (1) Set the camera timer. (2) Join my wife on the hammock.”

3. “I took a picture of a bird telling a funny secret.”

4. “I looked over, and my cat was doing the same thing as the curtain.”

5. “This radish looks like a person tucking its arm over its leg, slightly bent.”

6. This dog that looks like it’s judging you

7. “I had a cleanser leak in my sink. A couple of days later, I came across this...”

“I don’t know where the spider is, but I can only assume she’s angry and a superhero now.”

8. “My church looks so frightened, I want to hug it.”

9. “My dad took this funny pic of our dog, Maxie. His head looks like an almost perfect triangle.”

10. “I genuinely have no idea how this happened...”

11. “I’m a military instructor pilot, and I joked when a student failed a test. I roared, ’I want his mustache on my desk!’ And he did it.”

...years later, after his retirement, the former student admitted that whilst he had indeed shaved his mustache, it was not his mustache that he left on the instructor's desk.


12. “My Great Dane in his snowsuit — I can’t not laugh at him.”

13. “Saw this cat with a mustache outside my house.”

14. “Who forgot their Lego heads?”

15. “My brother got slapped by a fish!”

16. “Caught at just the right moment — my cat spitting out cardboard.”

17. “My dad found a face as the pocket of his pepperoni pizza pants.”

18. “Took my dog to the park...not sure what I was expecting.”

Have you ever encountered a funny incident that made you feel like you were at a live comedy show? Share your story with us in the comments.

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Preview photo credit sebastianjokes / Imgur


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