22 Times Children Proved They Are the Most Talented Comedians

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2 years ago

When it comes to witty comebacks and ingenious acts of mischief, look no further than the person sitting next to you at the dinner table. Kids are gifted with an “innocent” outlook on life, however, when you find cereal in your toilet, need to sign a contract before you have a conversation with your child, or find your computer mouse being walked around the garden, you may think twice about things.

We at Bright Side just can’t get enough of this kiddo fun and are daring you not to laugh too hard while scrolling through the following pics.

1. “My kid left a note for me in the fridge.”

2. “She wanted to feed the toilet.”

3. “Soup, anyone?”

4. “He has become one with the peanut butter and jelly.”


6. “When I was little, I thought it would be funny if I used a bar stool as a jail cell. It didn’t work out that well for me.”

7. “This is how my kid asks to watch cartoons in the morning.”

8. “I am a lawyer. My son told me he had to tell me something but first wanted me to sign this.”

9. “My 4-year-old thinks he’s a ninja and that he’s completely invisible in front of our black appliances.”

10. “Every night: ’I’m not tired, I’m not tired, I’m not tired...’”


12. “My 2-year-old is a beast when we’re playing hide and seek.”

13. “When you find your pants in the toilet after asking your toddler to help you with laundry”


15. “My son taking his mouse for a walk”



18. “So my daughter has been obsessed with UNO, but I haven’t been able to play because I’ve been too busy. Today I came home to this.”

19. “I wore fake glasses and fake teeth for my sixth-grade yearbook photo to prank my mom.”

20. “The toddler was asked to feed the cat.”

21. “I think we can safely say that my daughter enjoyed visiting the Colosseum in Rome!”

22. “We caught my girlfriend’s niece doing this at the mall.”

Have your kids ever surprised you with their sense of humor? Share your stories with us in the comments.

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